If you are an SEO, then you have probably heard the forums and skype groups blowing up about how Penguin is now part of the core algorithm.  So let’s see what that actually means to your campaigns for you and for your clients.

Penguin Has Real Time Updates

If you have seen websites that  have been the victim of “negative spam”, then you know how tough it was with the old way that Penguin rolled out. Old way was you had to disavow and wait sometimes months, which is like years in Digital Marketing for the update to kick in and hopefully pull you out of the penalty box.

Page Rank Is Not Dead

Page Rank is a distraction? Well, Jimmy Kelley an SEO expert has stated numerous times that is the case.  With results like Jimmy gets, which I have personally seen, it is kind of hard to argue that Jimmy is wrong. Google’s official stance on Page Rank is that it still exists and is part of their 200 unique signals or “clues“.  Page Rank whether it is a distraction (as it is not updated on a toolbar level anymore) Google still uses that phrase. SEO’s commonly use other Metrics like Domain Authority and Trust Flow as metrics to help them determine ranking factors and link value.

Google States Penguin is now more granular?

With the much needed improvement to Penguin, it now “devalues spam by adjusting ranking based on spam signals, rather than affecting ranking of the whole site”.  So what does that actually mean? Google can see patterns in linking right? Ok, so if one of those patterns they pick up is that a website is sending out or being used for mass spam, as in it could have been picked up and put into a spam list to be used in automated linking tools. If they notice that “neighborhood” as spam based the new update devalues that link in particular rather than making the whole site devalued. The new update means that it is page based rather than domain based. Smart right?

How is this helpful? If you are the victim of negative SEO, which happens sometimes when you start outranking your competition, then this freshness update on Penguin should help out quite a bit. Regardless of industry news, keep on building great content, promote the crap out of it and do great work.