Can Structured Data Really Increase My Rankings In Google?

Yes.  This is essentially “bot food” in that it lets GoogleBot, and other search engines that recognize the semantic language to know exactly what your content is about.  JSON-LD which in our opinion is the more technical language for markup, organizes and categorizes data.

You can markup your products in your ecommerce store with “schema data” which lets GoogleBot know that your particular product is more than what shows on the default WooCommerce input section. GO DEEPER with structured data!

With JSON-LD you can markup your product with a price, a great exact description, and other pertinent data that indexing spiders cannot determine from pictures, which people can.  Schema essentially tells the spiders the “Who, What, Where, Why and When” to let them “see” the picture of your item, without having eyes. The markup lets the bots see what we see to an extent.

The slogan for JSON-LD is “Data is messy and disconnected. JSON-LD organizes it, creating a better web”.  This is certainly true.  We have used markup languages in the past and have achieved top placements in Google simply by marking up our client’s products.

Think of GoogleBot, or “spiders” as constantly hungry. Traditional sites do not offer the “good stuff” for bots to digest so they cannot consume as much as they want. When you markup your site with JSON-LD or other structured data,you can feed the spiders and help them categorize and organize your products.

Using markup, also can help you become a true entity within Google. By attributing your site and your markup properly you can claim your social media accounts and let GoogleBot know that you really are a brand, which lends trust and credibility in the eyes of the largest search engine in the world.

That’s Great But Will JSON-LD Work For My Local Business?

Yes, we can markup the site with localized data that helps provide relevance.  Implementing structured data, which will often put you light years ahead of your competition- will see an increase in the search results most of the time. Obviously you have to have a site that is doing well in the search results already, it won’t take you from page 10 to page 1.  But it can be the tipping point to take you from #10 on page 1 to #4 on page 1.

By categorizing all your web properties and associating them with your site, MasterMind can help Google see, that you truly are a brand, and brands matter in the search results.

Give these hungry spiders some food! Contact MasterMind for more information on pricing and how to implement JSON-LD and other forms of structured data like Microdata and RDFA.