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Instagram Management And Growth

You know all the stats on Instagram. It’s the hot spot to be right now for many brands. Snazzy pictures and huge engagement all make IG the go-to Social Media for growing and engaging with an audience. There are a few ways to do Instagram.

  • Do it in house. If you have a team or can do it yourself then by all means run your own campaigns both organic and paid.
  • Outsource it. Either have an Instagram Agency help you craft and execute your daily posts and paid ads on IG, or have them consult with you to create and craft a story board that will connect and engage with your target audiences.

Paid Ads vs Organic

  • Paid is still relatively new for Instagram. You run a campaign off of the Facebook Ad manager like you would a Facebook Ad campaign. Crafting an ad that matches your brand’s “mark” along with your color scheme and feel all make up what it takes to run successful ads on IG.
  • Organic is done a few ways. You can keep posting and engaging with other fans and others in your space. Or you can break out.

Out Reach For Instagram Users

If you are looking to catapult your followers and engagement then teaming up with influencers in niches that are related and relevant to you is essential. We reach out to key thought leaders and influencers on Instagram. We run campaigns through their platform to reach their audience. From give aways and competitions to “promoted posts” we help build an engaging story that fits their audience and will allow their audience to interact with your brand.