Top Christian Article Directories

The number one idea behind article marketing is to drive traffic to your website, and ultimately make a sale on your product or service. There are literally hundreds of places you can submit your article to for this valuable exposure. But, if you are particularly interested in reaching a Christian audience, then there is good news for you. There are a handful of article directories that can help you with your marketing strategy.

Faith Writers Article Directory

Faith Writers is a privately owned article directory that has different levels of article marketing choices. First, there is a free membership option that will allow you to post your articles in a section where individuals, churches, and businesses can reprint your submissions at no cost. But, whoever uses your article must keep your resource box intact, so you are gaining exposure on the web every time someone uses your article. Plus, you can list your articles for others to buy in a different article directory section of the website. If someone purchases your article, then you will not gain exposure through a resource box. They buy the article outright as their own.

Then, there is a Faith Writers 500 Club that costs $10.00 per month and gives you extra exposure and extra tools to help you build your web presence. The extra exposure comes from home page placement of your article and short biography. The extra tools include:

  • Private message board
  • Article placement in the Faith Writers online magazine
  • Free Faith Writers e-mail account
  • Opportunity to sell your eBook in the Faith Writers store
  • Free advertising for your business

Faith Writers will only accept Christian-related articles. Articles are published instantly, but the editorial staff has the right to review any article and ban it, if it does not fall within their guidelines. You can avoid this by reading the terms of the website ahead of time.

Christian Article Bank Directory

Christian Article Bank is a privately owned Christian article directory. The gentleman who runs the site is very personable, and likes to interact with the writers through e-mail, which is a nice touch. Joining this site is free, and you can submit as many articles as you like. There are feature writers displayed on the home page, which helps writers gain exposure. Feature writers are constantly rotated each time the website is refreshed.

The statistics on the site are not very good, as you cannot see how many people have viewed your submitted articles, but the site as a whole gets many hits each month. You can, however, access a list of all the articles you have published, along with the ability to edit them at any time. Articles have to be approved before going live. Christian Article Bank is powered by Article Friendly, which is a well-known article software system.

Narrow is the Path Article Directory

Narrow is the Path Article Directory is a straightforward article submission website. You can sign up for membership free of charge, submit however many articles you want, and each article includes a resource box to help you gain the exposure you desire. Readers can download your articles for use in various publications, including online and offline. Narrow is the Path only accepts Christian-related articles.

The articles that you submit to this site go live after receiving approval from the editorial staff. Once your article is approved, you can track how many people have downloaded your article, as well as how many words your article contains and what rating readers give to your article. The editorial staff is very good about reviewing articles quickly.

Other Christian Article Directories

Check out some of these other Christian article directories, as well.

  • She Loves God
  • Idea Marketers
  • Discovery Articles

There you have it. Submitting your articles to these place is sure to drive in some traffic that you might have been missing out on. Christians will specifically search for Christian article directories, and this is the place you need to be to reach your target audience.