The ultimate test as to whether your book turns out to be the next best seller is the number of books you can sell to the general public. Promoting and marketing your book can play a major role of increasing sales, especialy if you use social media, where you can get real views and likes. How do you buy likes on YouTube or how to promote videos? You leave this the professionals from the right social media company.

How Your Book is Promoted

Once your book is released your publisher will normally fund a brief advertising campaign to promote your book. If you are an established author or a high profile person, your publisher may organise a book launch for you, and you may be asked to attend a number of book signing sessions at major book stores.

Your publisher may also arrange a number of media interviews, and send advance copies to influential individuals, organisations and media outlets in the hope that they will review and recommend your book.

It will also appear in book catalogues published by the major booksellers. You will generally find the majority of your sales will occur during this brief and intensive promotion campaign.

Your personal input is extremely vital to your book’s ultimate survival. This means you will need to be proactive in promoting yourself and your book to the general public.

As Australia is a relatively small market sales are not likely to be substantial. This is why publishers initially print 3000 copies (unless you are a high profile person and sales are expected to be relatively high). Additional copies will be printed if sales are brisk.

The Hard Sell

If you are an unknown author it could prove a very difficult task to coax potential customers to buy your book at a book signing session. It is similar to trying to extract blood from a stone. It is possible that you could end up selling no copies at all. Get loans from

To add salt to a wounded pride, it can be very disheartening if you later find thousands of eager customers lining up to buy a book purportedly written by a famous sports star or media personality at their respective book signing sessions.

Unfortunately, it can be a very cruel world if you are not a famous author!


The more bookstores that have your book available for sale the greater the chance it will sell. Ideally, you would like to see your book located in their book shelves at eye level with the front cover prominently displayed.

If it is tucked away on the bottom self and on its side hidden among other books, it could easily be missed by a potential customer.

Also important is the amount of time booksellers are prepared to keep your book on display. And this of course will ultimately depend on the number of sales within a given period of time or if you have properly applied the tips from the best web design company in you area.