Creating the buying experience by understanding the buying process.

I have seen many, many, many sales pitches over my life. I am always fascinated by the approach that the sales person takes in order to make the sale. I have come to the conclusion that the foundations of the sale are always going to be exactly the same but the delivery will always be unique to you. That uniqueness stems from your business mission statement, core values, avatar, and business model.  So while many of coaches adhere to a specific selling model they often forget that the foundations of the sale are what built that model. If you want to change the world and offer a different approach, one that gains customer loyalty and passionate followers read on to discover how to create the foundation.

Are you building the Relationship?

The first step in any sale is always the relationship. You cannot get to a substantial purchase without creating the relationship with your customer. Now, granted the price of an item will directly in affect the depth of the relationship. For example, someone coming in to purchase a $5 trinket from a street seller isn’t really interested creating a relationship with that seller. It is just too low of a price point to really matter much. If; however, you are building a brand, you are creating a consulting relationship, or offering a course the relationship with your buyers becomes of utmost importance.

How do you build a relationship with your customer?

We have all heard this but will often just breeze by the thought that the relationship must be built. If you have been in or around sales training the most common phrase is that the buyer needs to “know, like and trust you.” What does that even mean? Let’s break in down in a different format, so that we can maybe find a little more clarity.

Are you Listening?

In order to break this down, we have to create a base off which to build that relationship. While this seems insanely simple we often miss this simple point…. You LISTEN. Listening to your buyer seems counterproductive. After all, you are not telling them about how great your widget is or how much you are going to change their lives.  Trust me… this one step alone can help you increase your sales in ways that you can’t even image. You will be able to learn what makes them tick, what are the pain points, what problem that if solved will change their life forever, or just what their need is. When you ask the question and then listen you are creating the first step in the relationship, you can create the commonality that is needed in every relationship. If through this you are able to share a big old belly laugh and something that is a deep intimate emotional experience, you have gained something in common which then leads to trust.

Do they Trust you?

Trust is that ever evolving item that every sales person wants to gain. You want your customer to trust that what you say is fact. Obviously, this can be one of the most abused aspects of the relationship. Resist that temptation to abuse the customer’s trust. Why? Because TRUST is the hardest thing to gain and yet the easiest thing to lose within a relationship.

Think back to the last time that you put your trust in someone. Later finding out that they abused the trust that you had placed. What happened inside of you at that time? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it hurt. And then the deeper the trust the deeper the hurt. The deeper the hurt the more difficult it is to reestablish the relationship.

Same thing happens when selling products. Customers are putting trust in you as the seller that you will be true to your word. You will sell a product in good faith that the quality and price are reasonable for what you offer. If the customer walks away from the exchange feeling awesome, it is due to the trust they have placed in you as an expert in your field.

What a second, did you miss that? It was easy to miss. The process happens almost so naturally that it is easy to miss.

Are you an Expert?

The customer put their trust in you as the expert. In other words, they are now viewing you as the expert in your field. Don’t miss the importance of this. Being an expert in the given field of expertise is like having an additional advantage from which you can influence the customer to make the purchase. It is a power that is given to the seller and can allow the buyer to walk through the decision process with more clarity. Establish before you take the next steps into talking about your product or services.

To sum up the how to build the relationship with your customers consider the following. You start asking open-ended questions and then listening to their answers. Read how to find dublin carpet cleaning service. This begins building a commonality between the two of you. You can do this through shared experience. Things like a belly laugh or a deep intimate story that they share with you. As buyer feels the common bond or shared experience it will lead to the buyer trusting the seller. The more trust that is given to the seller the more of an expert the seller becomes in the eyes of the buyer. Expertise will become critical in the next phases of the buying process.

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