Like Mcdonald’s, Pepsi Co, is not immune to a massive shift in consumer preference. In business and in sports it’s essential to “RUN TO WHERE THE BALL IS GOING… NOT WHERE IT IS.”  If you run to where the customers are right now, by the time you scale up and are really understanding what the consumer wants, trends will most likely be shifting again, and you will be playing catch up… AGAIN.

Is Pepsi Co, Too Late In Adapting To Lifestyle Trends?

Healthier lifestyle trends which  are being seen across the web and in daily life are being inspired by “Crossfitters”, “inspiration coaches” and people who are simply looking to lead healthier lives. With Pepsi looking to pivot to “healthier drinks”, as in fewer sugars and “less than 100 calories per single serving” (Ok, but what about the artificial sweeteners which are often “More” bad for you than regular sugar?), will they win over consumers who are “half in” on adapting to a healthier lifestyle? With people using a “caveman diet” or often referred to as the “paleo diet”, they are losing lots of potential customers right off the bat, that would be and could be their target demo in the “healthier lifestyle category”.

Digital Trends And Spends

Pepsi and other large brands are seeing a massive benefit from leveraging social media, with their paid placement through TV ads. Often done in tandem, campaigns have a more effective “push” when done in a coordinate approach.

While digital costs  may not be outpacing what  these large brands spend in TV ads, the writing could be “on the wall”. With Paid SMM (Social Media Marketing) and paying “Influencers” for partnerships, plus the staffing costs for creatives etc to run the campaigns, digital marketing is growing and will continue to grow. In advertising you want to “Get In Front Of The Consumers Where They Spend Their Time”, and right now and in the future it looks to be online, and in particular Social Media sites and applications.

Is Your Business Running To Where The Ball Will Be Or Where It Is?