We get this question alot. Well the fact of the matter is you can stop working on SEO at any point you want. Often the value and all the hard work will go away just like when you stop working out and eating right. Ya, we know how that goes…

Seasonal SEO: Is An Holiday-Based Optimization A Good Idea?

A significant number of businesses in certain industries today are adopting some seasonal SEO strategies to a certain extent. Their move is determined by the fact that in certain niches the Christmas season brings in the lion share of their revenue. For instance, the Christmas holiday season for some types of businesses can bring in a lot of sales. So if such businesses are considering establishing a strong online presence, then why not take into account the holiday season as well?

Targeting a certain season however means you will be considering a short-term SEO strategy, which can potentially make things tricky because SEO has always been a long-term strategy. Would you sacrifice the long-term benefits of SEO for short-term gains? Do you have the time and budget to do both long-term and short-term SEO? Those are some of the most important questions any business owner must ask themselves. It is also important to understand that there are different types of seasons different types of businesses might want to look at. Seasons like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, summer and winter come every year, while there are also trends and fads that may at some point disappear completely to be of any business value. So you can only consider an SEO strategy for a season that will be back every year, and that offers high sales opportunities. You will have to trade off that with long-term sales to the extent you can afford.

Consider PPC If You Are Looking To Turn The Hose Off And On

Content is at the heart of any SEO strategy and is one of the assets you need to maximize ROI overtime. When you go for a certain season, you must make sure your assets are reusable. In other words, your content must be evergreen for your short-term strategy to be of any value. Also make sure the short-term SEO strategy is secondary to the long-term one. The decisions you will have to make are tough, so working with Content Marketing Team at MasterMind is a great idea if you want to succeed.