Networking has become something of a lost art.

Wow, that is a big statement.

But here is what I mean by that. We will often become acquainted with just one part of an individual rather than understanding the complete individual. Each of us have lead lives that are filled with a diverse passed. We are too often completely focused on the needs of the immediate to stop and listen the history of the individuals we are talking with. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time but that is still no excuse for purposely getting to know someone and the abilities that they provide.

twitter-292994_1920There are two things that could be both the greatest tool in networking but also the greatest challenge to our ability to network.

  1. Social Media has created a generation of individuals that know everything and yet nothing about those they interact with. It is the greatest tool that can connect virtually anyone across all geographical barriers. We no longer need to show up at one place to interact. However, with all the connection, it causes us to feel that we don’t have the time to go any deeper in any one topic. We have too many others that need to be contacted or too many relationships that need to be maintained. Currently the average individual has 338 friends on Facebook. 
  2. Summits and Events have become more of a show. A loud sometimes obnoxious gathering of individuals that attempt to show everyone else how great they are doing, because they can spend more than the other guy. Many of the after parties are a time when everyone ‘lets their hair down” and no one remembers what happened the next day. I know that has always been part of sales and network. Fact is China has a long history of doing business with only those that they eat and drink with. But the difference is that the American culture takes after parties to a club or something similar and no one talks to anyone.

I know… I have probably stepped on some peoples toes. But if you can stick with me through this you will be able to increase the ability to expand your network and create relationships that will help improve your brand.

To be an incredible network focus on these few simple points. It will GROW your Brand.
  1. When meeting with someone, make it a point to learn one thing about them that is beside the point of what your original topic of discussion.

I am always amazed at the talent that people have hiding just beneath the surface. At a recent event I had the privilege of meeting with a talent young lady. Gabby was speaking on email marketing at the event. She is very passionate and has spoken on this topic many times. She really knows her stuff. But here is the interesting thing. She would love to focus more on organic social media. Her talent in creating organic social media is equal to her thoughts on email marketing.  Finding her website allowed me to see that she was talented in more than just the email marketing.

  1. Plan out your after party attendance. You spent a good money to be at the event. Take advantage of that. Plan dinners with those that you sense has a good synergy with.

I have attend 100’s of events across many different industries. The time that is most valuable is that which is scheduled in advance. Typically, over a shared experience that allows for conversation to flow. You can learn about them as a person, their family, what makes them tick, and then how to work more closely in a joint venture. Or the possibility that they can offer something to your endeavors. Take advantage of that. Don’t let it slip away.

  1. Be strategic in the events that you are attending. Do your homework. Some events are known to be party events. While other events are known to be packed full of great content. Ask those that have attended the events and what they recall of their best experiences.

I have watched several people attending multiple events. I met up with Mike at one of the events. Great guy just starting into the world of Internet Marketing. We were attending one of the events that promised to show you the “nuts and bolts” of how to make tons of money. He was looking for good solid information, to build his business. But further into the conversation I found out that he had been attending several events throughout the year. I was shocked. Since starting a Facebook page in his chosen niche, he had literally done nothing except attend events. He did not set up a store, or any affiliate links in order to start producing an income. Many individuals are just afraid. It is easier for them to go to events and talk but never actually do. I suspect that it is close to 90% of all those that attend events never take action on anything that is taught. YOU HAVE TO IMPLEMENT! So choose wisely on which event you attend.

Make sure it will benefit your business and pick one thing that you will implement when you get home.


When you are looking to grow your brand you need to make sure that you are strategic with your time and energy. Be specific in what you need to learn. Know where to get that information. And seek out those that are close related to what you do and either learn or discuss with them the challenges that your facing.