If you do Google Adwords for your business or for your clients this is very important. We have been hearing about this roll out coming for some time, and now it’s in beta mode.  Google is entering the home service lead market. As if they do not collect enough revenue in ads? How will this affect your PPC game if you run ads for your clients? How will it affect your business if you are the service provider?

Well, you had better bid correctly and stay on top of your conversions. The new interface looks like it allows the searcher to contact 3 service providers for bids. Better make sure that your phone is on, and someone is there to answer it. If your office is closed, make sure that you have call forwarding enabled. The searcher will be able to select how they want to get contacted for quotes:

  • Phone Call-Better pick up and have a great greeting.
  • Email- Make sure your email is set to pop up on your home screen with an alert.
  • Text Message- Check your phone! This could be bad for marriages….

Lead generation websites or niche directories, pay heed this will affect your ability to get qualified leads, so might be time to look at a slight pivot.

If you want to sign up for the beta program (and get on a waiting list) which is currently in the Southern California area:

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