Pubcon hosted in Las Vegas is over and gone. It brought lots of exciting news about SEO and Digital Marketing. The biggest update, which comes as a surprise to no one really, is that Google is splitting the index and giving mobile the first priority with crawl budgets and updating the index faster.

What this means is that yes, Google is indeed going “Mobile First“, and that trend has been happening for a long time.  Think mobilegeddon, and the fact that users close webpages down that do not render in about 3 seconds. If they are on a mobile network, sometimes they will wait longer, but on WIFI? Nope, not waiting.

While mobile will be given priority as far as budget, freshness and overall focus, that doesnt mean that users will stop using laptops, and desktop computers. So while your main focus should be on mobile, don’t forget about delivering a quality desktop experience as well.

Add AMP To Your Website

Yes you should Add Accelerated Mobile Pages to your website. Seriously DO IT.


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