Want to create a sellable product? Inventing a hot-selling item can be a very quick route to success, but it’s not a highly-likely one for most to achieve. It certainly seems like a bit of a drag to work at home, still doing someone else’s projects and meeting someone else’s deadlines. Is invention the only way to achieve self employment without strings?

Self Employed…for Someone Else?

After days, weeks, perhaps months of hard work, it’s all finally started to pay off. The work at home job opportunities are pouring in and so is the money…but somehow, it doesn’t quite match the dream of self employment, does it? After all, there are still people to answer to, deadlines to meet and set goals to be achieved – goals set by someone else, of course. It’s hard for self employed professionals to be told what to do, and at times it can make the joy of being self employed leave a bitter taste in the mouth. Why not simply create a sellable product, market it and achieve self employed success the “easy” way?

Can’t Anyone Create a Sellable Product?

The Internet makes a lot of things easy these days especially when you have e commerce web designers, and almost anyone can strike out to become a self-made entrepreneur using this fabulous tool. Create a product to sell, create a Web site to market it from and watch the money come tumbling in…right?

The trouble is, none of this is at all as easy as it sounds when glibly stated. Creating a product takes time, testing and lots of trial-and-error. Even when the product is created, there is absolutely no guarantee it will sell. Depending on what the product is, there may be patents, licensing fees and government testing standards involved all well – things which cost a great deal more money and effort. But selling online to achieve self employment certainly isn’t impossible, either.

Self Employment Without Strings

In a way, every single self employed professional out there is selling something. Whether self-marketing products and services, or shopping around online to find work at home job opportunities and gigs, the self employed story is somewhat similar for all. Even when mass-marketing a service or product to the world, there are people to please – customers and clients who expect a certain level of quality. Whether the job is writing on demand (with topics, even certain keywords being dreamed up not by the writer, but the buyer) or simply selling the Web, it’s necessary to work toward pleasing someone else.

In self employment, there is little self-serving and self-pleasing, because it’s necessary to receive money from others to keep the career going. However, it is possible to carefully choose products and services to offer, to be discerning in opportunities, jobs and gigs accepted and to maintain a certain standard in work. That, in a way, is self employment without strings.