Most of you reading this are probably fellow SEO’s or Content Marketers. This post is for you, but it’s also for the business owner who wants to know how to build really solid content on their website and build trust with their potential customers, then convert that trust into sales. This post will show you some great ideas on how to build engaging content that will draw people into your sales funnel. I think most of us knew for a long time that Google’s KW planner did not tell the whole picture. There are search phrases out there that Google hasn’t picked up on yet, as such we should not rely on it as the sole source of information to find out what phrases we should build content for. We know that Google’s Keyword Planner stopped showing exact search results and opted to limit the search data for accounts that were not actively engaged in Adwords campaigns. Basically, “hey stop leeching off of us you cheap #*$$&”.  So how do you tap into trending topics and drive more traffic if you don’t want to strictly rely on Google’s Keyword Planner?

How To Spot Trending Topics And Build Content Pieces Around Them

Well, there are a number of great resources for spotting trends. A great article by fellow digital marketer Ryan Stewart explains how places like Instagram, Snapchat and other social networks drive informational searches based off of something that the user saw online. Ryan’s post really is ninja and was an inspiration for me writing this article. An example of how Instagram posts can drive organic searches would be-a type of pre workout that a Instagram user’s  favorite fitness person uses, or a specific type of shoe. The user then goes into Google (as most of the time there is no link in Instagram, unless the influencer is doing a “sponsored post” on behalf of a company (or an actual ad in Instagram) and replaces the link on their Instagram profile (which typically goes to their website) with the link that the sponsoring company provided them. Hopefully that company set up Google URL Builder properly so they can track the visits!

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These posts are often viewed after the fact, as users don’t always see the posts right away, and due to the frequency at which influencers post, the link might be replaced already. So the “see the link in my profile” will no longer be valid. It drives me crazy to see that (because I actually have to work to find something I want). So, the user, like me, goes to Google and performs a search that we think will render the right result. We then engage with the top results we find, and keep searching until we find what we are looking for.

So, besides Instagram and other social channels (I really love twitter to pull off of the #searches), what other resources are out there? Well a great resource is Google Trends. You can see what people are searching for in a hourly, past 4 hours, past day, past 30, past 90, past 12 months, past 5 years, and so on and so forth.

How To Use Related Topics And Related Queries In Google Trends

If you are a content marketer and you see topics and informational searches that people are starting to search for MORE… ie searches that are on the rise, and may not be quite as competitive YET. Well then, go out and build content around those search queries. Yep, go out and build a nice super informational article on “What Is Hyper Extension” which is a related search term to our original Search in Trends which was “pre workouts”.  You can even “inner link your website”!!?? Oh my gosh.. link building??

The relevant link provides a place for them to “buy pre workouts”.  Yep. You just solved a persons question about “What is hyperextension”, and since they were on your site already, and it was probably a decent length article since it is a medical term and requires more than a 200 words to explain it, the reader probably stayed on your site for a few minutes (INCREASED DWELL TIME!). Which is a great signal to Google that you solved their point of pain, and your content piece can get rewarded with higher user engagement metrics (maybe a social media share) and thus most likely higher Search Placement. Heck you might even sell them something. If not then you should remarket to them (aka retargeting).

how to use google-trends

You can do the same thing with Related Queries, like “chest workouts”. Go out and build a massively helpful article with pictures and possibly videos on “the complete guide to chest workouts”. Maybe another one, “the complete guide to at home chest workouts” since most of the “how to guides” are centered around gym workouts.  Ok, you get the idea here. You build content with the idea of bringing in informational searches.

how to use google trends to find related-trends-and-queries to build content around


Yes, we all do. But instead of just going after “buy now+ product phrases” why not create content which is super helpful, promote it like crazy on social media, ie- influencer social media marketing- drive traffic that way and reach a new audience. Then go out do the same thing to “at home workout gurus”. Ask them to share your resource on their blog, social etc. They will most likely at least look at it, some will help you, and some won’t that’s just the nature out outreach marketing.

Want More Ninja? Check Out Storybase

Storybase is a fantastic platform which acts a bit like Google Trends. You type in a search and it renders a few different areas.

Story Base Questions-

Storybase how to use

Story Base Related-

You can see I had to change the phrase to “working out”, because “pre workouts” did not render enough data.

Storyase how to use it

Storybase Phrases-


Storybase Audience-

storybase custom audience know who you are selling to, or rather know how your audience wants to buy

Yes it’s always a good idea to build a custom audience profile on your campaigns. Know who your market is and figure out how to sell it to them. Rather, figure out how they want to buy. That’s the ninja right there.