There is a saying in marketing that states, “Give the customer what he wants.” Well, there is one small problem with that saying; what if the customer doesn’t really know what he wants? Exactly how does a customer know he needs a particular product? What is it that makes a customer pull money from his wallet or credit card and actually pay for something he wants? The answer to this question is simple. The customer has made the jump from what he wants to deciding a certain product will provide for what he needs, or thinks he needs. Because he needs it, he’s willing to pay just about any price to get it.

Listen to Customer Wants

Yes, listen. Spend a lot of time listening, studying, and analyzing what a customer says he wants. Then take the next step and determine what a customer needs. A patient wants to get well, and visits a doctor because he cannot diagnose his own needs. A customer wants to solve a problem or make something better in his life. A successful marketer finds a product or service that solves the customer’s problem or meets his need.

Any marketing effort that makes money starts by listening to the wants and desires of people. Some internet businesses have made the fatal error of marketing a product or service with little or no research regarding the needs of a market. Some have even poured huge sums of cash into making products and marketing them while relying on the mistaken belief that everyone will want their product. These products will make little and are destined for the dollar stores of this world.

Provide Customer Needs, Make Great Piles of Cash

It’s really very simple, so simple that most folks miss it entirely. Some business people want to make a complicated formula from this one simple nugget of marketing wisdom. A successful marketer, especially an online marketer, will listen to the wants and desires of customers and will act on what he discovers the customer actually needs.

Just a few years ago, who would have thought anyone would pay for water? Yet the bottled water market pulls in billions of dollars each year. Did people back in the seventies not have the same need for water? Of course they did, water fountains were everywhere and water was abundant and free. Some marketer eventually found the connection between the need for water and figured that enough people would pay for the convenience of that water in a bottle. How many customer needs remain unmet today? A successful marketer discovers a want and convinces people they actually need something so much, they’re willing to pay just about anything for it.


Money Making Marketing is Tightly Focused

Once a customer need is determined, the next step is to come up with a tightly focused marketing message. The trick here is to come up with something that gets noticed. A tightly focused message stands out above the gazillion other messages out there. This is no small task.

Creating a superior marketing message that is focused on the needs, wants, and desires of customers is difficult. Messages that don’t stand out get ignored, even great messages. The best products or services that don’t have a tightly focused, stand out marketing message will never be seen.How does a customer know he needs a product or service if he doesn’t know about it?

The simple fact is that the more this tightly focused marketing message matches the needs of customers, the more money a product or service will make. One way to accomplish this success is to create a product or service that addresses a specific area. Some have called this niche marketing, or finding a market niche. Successfully marketed online products don’t usually appeal to the masses, rather they appeal to a specific group of people.

When a product is marketed to a specific group, it’s easier to meet the specific needs of that particular group. Would it be easier to try and determine the desires of all bowlers in the U.S. or the desires of left-handed, female bowlers who are trying to lose weight? The answer is the latter group. Find a particular market where a specific need is unmet, provide the product or service to meet that need which no one else provides, and those people will pay top-dollar in order to get that product or service.