Mark Lutchman

My name is Mark Lutchman. I am a conservative political influencer on social media with over 700,000 followers between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Parler. I began my journey into the realm of social media content creation in late 2015 almost by accident. At the time I worked full time at a car dealership as an auto salesman and in my free time decided to make a video about politics. My first two videos ended up getting millions of views and thousands of shares on Facebook, even though I didn’t intentionally mean to go viral.

Ever since then, I have strived to perfect my craft as a social media content creator and consistently made an effort not only to build my brand but to understand and master the science behind it without any professional training or education.

Entrepreneurship & Viral Brand Building

Fast forward four years, and I am working on social media from the comfort of my home, and doing what I love as a fulltime gig. I want to share with fellow aspiring content creators what I have come to understand about content creation, brand building, and “how to make viral content.” I believe that there are three main components to a piece of content that are essential for virality. Content that is informative, engageable, and shareable is much more likely to receive a viral reaction from social media than a regular post without much thought into it.

Provide Value

Informative posts that are trending in a particular niche is a great way to receive viral attention. A post is engageable when it drives an emotional reaction from it’s viewers. Emotional responses are the driving force behind viral content because it compels viewers to open a conversation about it and maybe even some arguments. Which is a good thing, believe it or not. A post that is shareable plays off the emotional reaction and the informative substance of the post. If a viewer feels like a post is informative and engageable, it will inherently be shareable.

Virality is Like A Snowball

Virality is like a snowball rolling down a snowy hill. The steeper the hill, the faster the snowball will grow, and the denser it becomes the faster it will roll down the hill. The same is true for viral content. If a post can get fast reactions and quick shares, they will compound and eventually become an unstoppable force making its way to millions of viewers around the internet.

A big mistake a lot of content creators make is when they do happen to create a viral post, whether intentionally or unintentionally, they don’t seize the enormous opportunity to build their brand with such an occasion.

Foundational Components For A Successful Brand

Brand building is an essential step in taking content creation from a part-time hobby to a full-time career. Many people miss the opportunity but there are also three components to brand building that I believe are the recipe for a successful brand.

Those foundational components are Viral content, Networking, and community building. If you can master the art of the viral content using the method listed above that’s great.

Building A Community

However, another essential step in building a brand I believe in building a community on social media. You want to have a community of viewers who will come back to your brand for more every single day. This means consistently using the virality method on a day to day basis. The more you get people talking and engaging with one another, the more likely they are going to return every day for more.

Networking With Like-Minded People

Networking is also a crucial foundation in brand building. Having a network of other people or brands in your niche will not only open the door to expand your following but also can have many unique opportunities for monetization and name recognition. Collaboration is great especially when there is a mutual benefit for all parties involved.

Having those three things work as a foundation for your brand that you can continue to build on and operate as a social safety net. Mastering the scientific method behind quality viral content, and brand building is a surefire way to put yourself ahead of the competition in this day in age where just about everybody wants to build a brand. Use this method to not only execute but excel.

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