A local business that only needs potential customers to find them for specific local locations needs to implement  a proper local SEO strategy. That’s different from an Organic SEO campaign that works for local shoppers and shoppers worldwide. Some local businesses also need to target only a single location while others need to target multiple locations which can a bit tricky for inexperienced marketers.

Digital marketing knowledge and experience are critical for crafting and implementing any local SEO strategy to go up in the SERPs. The experts at MasterMind can optimize your local business and allow it to start thriving rather than surviving. Our experts start by creating unique urls for different locations, and then they create and optimize content for each location. Your local keyword phrase is used to optimize the title tag, meta description, H1, and the rest of your content. Branding with the name of your company is a important. Including your phone number (NAP) provides an important local signal and works for conversions too. Local relevance is important and that’s why your local keyword phrase must be included in meta description even though it doesn’t directly boost rankings.

Local SEO Targeting For Multiple Locations

Content must be unique for each location with its url and landing page. You must have an account with Google My Business in order to show up in various Google channels including search, maps and Google+

Here you wouldn’t need to include a keyword or any specific location since you have several locations to target. Include your local phone number and make sure all your business address and contact information on the web is consistent. Engagement on social media makes your business look good in the eyes of Google, so you must have an effective social media strategy driven by creative content. For multiple locations, each must have its own social media page. Facebook Locations makes setting up and managing pages for multiple much easier. Local directories shouldn’t be ignored as they still count, especially if the directory appears for keywords you can’t easily compete for other than appearing inside the directory and getting reviews. Google reviews are also great for visibility since they often show up search results.

Content is critical for any local SEO strategy to be effective, so get help with your Content Marketing Strategy at Mastermind and take your local business to the next level.