In order to come up with a data driven content marketing strategy, you need to find out what customers are specifically searching for and how you can position yourself. If you are not looking at SEO and social data, then you can’t easily know what to prioritize in your content in terms of the answers it should provide to potential customers. Fortunately, there are numerous tools available in the market today that you can use to obtain and analyze all the data you need to analyze for insight. Some of the tools are even freely available on online while the data they provide is critical for any meaningful content marketing efforts.

Driving Inbound Traffic With Content Created Using SEO, Social Metrics & Questions

Keyword search tools such as the Moz Keyword Explorer and Google AdWords keyword tool can provide very useful SEO data that gives the best idea of what customers are searching for. A long-tail keyword search provides a great way of understanding even more specific topics or items people are looking for in online searches. Analyzing SEO data from keyword searches makes you understand volume searches, competition and difficulty, the opportunity and potential that lies in targeting different keywords. Most of the stuff people are searching for online is also shared on social media, so you have to use the right tools and deeply take a look at what is happening across different social platforms. Social media engagement data must be analyzed because more referrals are increasingly coming from platforms like Facebook. Google also crawls social media pages and does pick up some signals that can boost your rankings. Taking a look at what people are searching for in community forums relevant to your niche also provides great ideas and data that you can analyze to improve your content strategy. That’s where you see the kind of questions people are asking to get answers from industry thought leaders.

The ability, time and efforts needed to get and analyze all the necessary data can be overwhelming, so you should engage a competent Content Marketing Agency like MasterMind to help your business best meet the expectations of your customers.