For a prospective small business owner, is an Internet marketing from home worth considering as a career, a full-time job, or a home-based business?

With the amazing Internet technology, many people would like to work from home and be their own boss. The issue people should be aware of is that many dotcoms profess to make overnight thousands but no way do they deliver. For someone interested in a career in Internet marketing and home business, the question is “How do I make a career in Internet marketing?” or perhaps, “Is the Internet marketing for me?”

Before plunging into a wrong decision, it is important to keep in mind that there are numerous information and resources where Internet marketing can be learned, in the libraries and online. There are thousands of websites and people in social networks who are just after quick money. Therefore, learning about Internet marketing is important before anyone considers it an opportunity for an online career.

Why Small Business Start-ups Fail Internet Marketing

The numerous people who tried to start online marketing failed. Why?

  • First, they did not treat online marketing as a business like they would do a traditional small business shop with a physical address.
  • Second, they lacked planning, or worse, had no business plan at all. Some business owners waste money by not preparing a business plan and only guided by “gut-feeling.” Therefore they have no clear defined goals to follow through in the business processes. As regards financial issues, some business owners get away without any financial support or back-up money from the start of business. Again, research is important in order to understand financial goals in relation to the overall business wellness. Check out

Internet Marketing as a Career Should Not be Treated as Get-Rich-Quick Plan


Anyone who seriously thinks of going into Internet marketing as a career should look into it as a long-range business and not a get-rich-quick scheme. There are numerous free things offered online. To learn the ropes and get more exposure it’s tempting to get lured by many of these. An example includes free membership to join sites to get free bonuses like e-books and other information with a promise that no upgrade follows. Just when the prospective marketer starts to download the free e-book, he starts getting heaps of other offers one after another.

Here are basic tips and ideas for those interested in pursuing Internet marketing as a career or business:

  • Research thoroughly about Internet Marketing
  • Learn about Internet Marketing, including jargons like affiliate marketing, types of business websites, blogging, search engines, SEO, Internet advertising
  • Prepare a business plan to get an idea of goals and expected outcome
  • Find an Internet Marketing mentor or consultant, if necessary, who acts as an online guide and provides recommendations. Preferably, this Internet marketing professional is someone trustworthy.

Aside from the tips provided above, to be a good Internet marketer, someone seriously considering Internet marketing as a career from home, should have the initiative, knowledge, and self-determination, among other traits of an owner of a small business home-based. Then success as an Internet marketer can’t be far behind where many others have failed.