If you have not thought about how voice to text technologies like Siri, Google Now and Cortana will change the way people search and find things, places and information YOU NEED TO START NOW.  Think about the last time you had to send a text message.  With two kids at home and a third on the way, I am constantly being pulled on to play soccer, clean up this mess, or wrestle- All things I love doing sans the cleaning up of the messes.  Often times texting with two hands, (can you imagine!?? Is not feasible, and one handed texting is not very efficient). So I often use Siri with my iPhone 6.

I have the same issue when loading the family in the car.  I need to get directions to a new friends house, and I am buckling the kids in, I can open up the Google Maps app and click on the microphone button and speak right into it.  Voice to text is here to stay and the way that users communicate and search, is changing. Short search phrases like “movie theaters” are being replaced by “find a movie theater near me”, as well as “find a movie theater playing MOVIE NAME near me”. People are starting to use more conversational search phrases. In SEO GEEK SPEAK that means more conversational anchors to optimize for or often LSI terms. Your business needs to have a plan on how to optimize for mobile searches (ACCELERATED MOBILE PAGES). AMP helps users find lightning quick super advanced mobile friendly web pages or posts that are related to the user’s search. Often these AMP pages are news related so if you put out content that is anyway shape or form related to events, you should look into this.

Mobile is not going away. It is simply gaining more ground as developers continue to produce higher quality faster loading sites and applications. So for your company’s sake I hope that you have and implement a strategic plan on how to optimize for the mobile searchers who are speaking right into their phone.