Ok, so HR related conundrum of the day, what do you do when you have someone that has been with your company, 30 years? She is mean spirited, angry, has lots of enemies, and is plan NASTY.

Would you promote her to Senior Vice President of your company? Or how about CEO? Wait did I mention she compromised the security of your business, your clients and affected your ability to take care of your family because your clients did not trust you anymore?

Ooooh, she also got some of your buddies killed because she would not help them…..

So what, oh what in the world am I to do about keeping her employed? Should I promote her to the CEO of my company because she intimidates, coerces and uses her prestige within the company? Or should I fire her ass and say “Good Riddance?”

Seriously America, if you are an employer and you have an employee who acts like Hillary Clinton, would you promote her?

People who work for a company, would you be upset if this person got a Promotion INSTEAD OF YOU? Be honest you would probably go APESHIT!  I know I would. I would scream nepotism, I would scream that the “system is rigged!”, and do you know what?  I would be right.

As Grant Cardone stated- “I’m not a Republican Or a Democrat. I’m An Entrepreneur”. And as the CEO of my company, I will vote what I think is the best for our country, and our economy. And those two are really the same things. This country was made great by people like Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Henry Ford and others who started a business and employed people.

If we don’t protect small businesses and allow them to grow (without taxing the HELL out of them), then we are cutting our own necks, as small businesses make up about 64% of net new private sector jobs. ATTENTION crazy Big Government People- The government can’t “CREATE JOBS” without raising taxes. That’s the only way they bring in revenue, besides PRINTING IT (can you say inflation?).

This has been a public service annoucement by a concerned citizen, who worked his butt off to build a company and serve his customers, but what do I know, I’m “Entitled”.

Image Credit- https://twitter.com/grantcardone/status/692938464518627328