We love SEMRUSH.  We use it for looking for guest post opportunities for our content marketing division. We use it for looking at how our competitors are getting traffic, looking at low hanging opportunities for existing content pieces.

For on boarding new clients we love the “low hanging fruit” options as the new client often has some form of content marketing-blogging going on. So all we need to do is structure additional content to support it in an SEO Friendly way.

SEMRUSH’s New Open Beta- SEO Ideas– is going to be a big hit around our offices as well. I’ll let them tell you about it, “SEO Ideas offers a complete and structured list of things you can do to improve the search engine optimization for select pages of your website.Full of helpful tips, SEO Ideas doesn’t just tell you what to do, it also lets you know why doing so is a good idea.”

For client reports and planning our digital strategies when we take a new client, showing them this is what you need to do, and here is why you need to do it as historically had quite a bit of push back. We tell them to do paid social if it makes sense, content marketing, guest blogging and influencer round ups etc. With a third party validation tool like this, it will help tell the story of what their competition is doing well, how you can duplicate it and why you need to.

Looking forward to exploring this new tool even more!