SEO News- Partnership Between Yext And Uber Bring Localized ROI Tracking To SEO

BY Stephen Twomey - October, 10 2016
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This new partnership is huge for many reasons. These two companies are first and foremost massively tech. They innovate and lead their markets respectively.  Yext described the partnership perfectly here, “Drive your customers directly from your website to your doorstep — and engage them in the Uber app with a targeted brand experience while they’re en route with Ride Share and Trip Branding”.

So when someone lands on a Yext managed property they can request a ride. You first however have to enable a get a “Ride With Uber” link and shared it across your location pages, those being local directories and citations, which Yext manages for you for a monthly fee. This is a really nice partnership from two companies who service the same person, but do not compete.

So because you can share that “Ride With Uber Link” on your website, you can certainly track MUCH EASIER actual ROI and sales-foot traffic into brick and mortar stores and shops. This is a huge win for local seo marketers and agencies who continually have to fight for proof that people landing on website pages, can convert into actual foot traffic.

Stay tune for more info as we will be tracking this unique partnership. We will see if anyone else tries to play the “Me Too Game”.



Stephen Twomey

Stephen Twomey

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Stephen Twomey
BY Stephen Twomey

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