Getting your website ranking in Google isn’t something easy to accomplish. Google uses over 200 major ranking factors while the minor ones are in excess of 10,000. You need to know as many of the ranking factors as possible, and more so the on page SEO Factors for optimizing your content. Google keeps secret most of the factors, so marketers discover them through research or from the experts at Google whenever they talk and give clues. The truly best SEO’s in the world test and test and test. They run split A/B tests and isolate factors to get really scientific with it.

Optimizing content for different ranking factors demands a lot of time and efforts, so learning a few important secrets or SEO hacks and implementing them can significantly boost your site rankings. MasterMind will let you know what some marketers may not necessarily consider as secrets, but often overlook and miss out on excellent opportunities for boosting rankings. We all know the importance of creating high quality content, but not everyone thinks about creating content that can earn links from journalists, bloggers or other content producers that would actually see value in linking to it. The top 3 ranking factors are links, content and RankBrain. The third factor only became known to us after Greg Corrado and Gary Illyes from Google talked about its importance and how to optimize for it. RankBrain is Google’s machine-learning and artificial intelligence system used for processing search results.

SEO Secrets Many Marketers May Not Even Know

The other important tips you need to know have to do with optimizing for featured sniplets that Google uses to provide the best answers to questions from user search queries, using relevant terms (topics, words and phrases related to your primary topic or keywords), carefully making keyword choices and making it a priority to match the user intent. You realize all these have a lot to do with content, so you need MasterMind’s Content Marketing experts to help optimize your business site content for the same and other important factors.