Take advantage of the new interactive social networking developments to significantly grow your business. Learn how they work and which ones are appropriate for your business. Understanding how your target market uses these new tools will help you to use them to effectively impact your business’ bottom line.

Web 2.0 has taken the Internet and changed it from a one way conversation with website visitors to real interactions. The evolution has changed the way software developers look at opportunities to create new programming. Some of the biggest most important developments include social networking sites, video sharing sites, wikis, blogs, and folksonomies. All of them can be used for creating new ways and possibilities for marketing your business.

Using Social Networking in Your Business Marketing Plan

Sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Ning, Perfect Networker and Fast Pitch are all opportunities to network and interact with your target market. Developing relationships is more important than ever in today’s marketplace. These sites give you the opportunity to interact with folks allowing them to get to know you and develop that level of trust that is so important in their buying decisions.

Using Video Sharing to Market Your Business

These sites have become very popular and can be a great addition to any blog. Talk about allowing folks to get to know you and create your reputation as the expert in your target market! Posting video on sites like YouTube, Google Video, and BrightCove gives you an opportunity to make an emotional connection with your target market.

Using Wikis to Share Knowledge about Your Business

Wikis are web pages that allow anyone or a specific group of people to add to the content, comment and edit. They are great for sharing knowledge and a sense of community. Want your clients to feel connected with you and your company? Create a wiki where they can interact with you. Sites such as Wetpaint, Squidoo and Hubpages offer these options and they are free.

Using Blogs to Reach Your Market

Blogs are very different than the traditional web page which is very stagnant. Blogs are constantly being updated and allowing you to share more of yourself and who you are. Readers can comment on your posts and you can begin that all important relationship development. Even the micro blog called Twitter allows you do interact and develop relationships.

Using Folksonomies to Draw Attention to Your Site

Heard of Folksonomies? You have you just didn’t know it. Think of sites like Digg, Stumble Upon and Delicious. They are all sites that allow you to tag items on the web that you find of interest. The more an item is tagged the more attention it gets. You can tag your own items and ask your sphere of influence tag them as well to give them a higher relevance. Check out monderlaw.com.

Business owners can incorporate all of these items into their marketing plan. First, with some help from a web designer in traverse city you can do some research to determine if your target market can be reached with these tools.If not, be careful to not get sucked into the latest fad for the sake of the fad. But by all means, if your ideal client can be touched by using Web 2.0 tools, get busy.