Have you been working with an SEO company to attract more online consumers to your business? If so, then you’re one step toward the right direction. But instead of simply taking the company’s word that they’ll help skyrocket your organic rankings and bring in a wealth of targeted traffic, you must take a more active role in determining whether they can provide real results.

Countless businesses have trusted an SEO agency to take care of their online marketing needs only to have their websites wiped out from the index entirely. Following are telltale signs that allow you to see whether your SEO company actually helps or hurts you.

They Aren’t Afraid To Show

If you’ve worked with multiple SEO firms in the past, then you have probably come across numerous companies that just wouldn’t tell anything about the actual practices they employ. Many clients also make the mistake of focusing solely on a spike in rankings. What you should understand is that being successful in SEO goes far beyond your placement in the SERPs. Sure, you might enjoy high rankings for some time, but if the company used black hat techniques to get you there, don’t expect to hold on to the number one position.

A good sign that the company knows what they’re doing is when they offer reports regularly from the initial consultation all the way through the end of the contract. During the first few weeks or months, the company should provide a complete audit of your website, a link profile analysis, content marketing strategy, and social media marketing plan. Don’t feel satisfied when they say that they have something in the works. Make sure they show you what they do.

They Talk About Your Business

Another common reason why many businesses don’t achieve the results they want even after working with an SEO company is a gap in communication. Understand that different businesses have varying SEO requirements. This is why your SEO agency must be able to come up with a custom solution based on what your business actually needs. Numerous firms out there, however, use the same tactics on all their clients’ websites.

If the company doesn’t ask you for anything, then their strategy is probably limited to building more links to your website from their vast network of spammy domains. An agency that genuinely thinks about the best interests of your business asks you for admin access to your CMS, social accounts, Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster Tools. They may also ask for your list of target keywords and then offer suggestions where improvements can be made.


How many times have you stumbled upon SEO agencies that promise to take your website from the bottom to the top of the search engine results pages? This is one of the biggest red flags to watch out for. The sad thing is that many business owners fall for this claim. You must realize that only Google knows what goes on in their search algorithm. Any SEO professional who claims to have the secret formula to guarantee your placement in the top spot only wants to make a quick buck off of you. There are industry best practices to follow. But no one controls Google. Certain companies have great track records getting their clients to the first page or to the top of the first page in organic search. But to guarantee that, or guarantee it in a time frame should set some alarms off. Estimations on progress are one thing, but guarantees are another.

Instead of providing any sort of guarantee, a reputable SEO company takes the time to explain that in the world of Search Engine Optimization, you can’t expect results overnight. It can take several months before you notice any significant change in rankings, traffic, and revenue. This is why in this game, patience plays a key role. In general, six months is a good time to expect things to shake up and see whether the practices implemented by the agency worked or not.

They Boost Your Bottom Line

As mentioned earlier, the primary goal of using SEO is to increase your revenue, not to boost your rankings. Even if your overall traffic went down, it shouldn’t be a cause for concern if your bottom line went up. The idea is to reach the top spot for all your keywords and drive targeted traffic to your site. A disreputable company will boast of driving lots of traffic to your site, but it wouldn’t amount to anything if your visitors do not convert.

The cold, hard truth is that not all SEO companies are created equal. You must learn how to weed out the bad ones in order to get the most value for your money. Taking the time to find a reputable SEO company that uses safe and effective techniques to boost your site’s rankings and revenue proves well worth it over the long term.