When one thinks of Las Vegas, slot machines and baccarat tables come to mind. But this city in the state of Nevada is The Entertainment Capital of the World for a reason. The entertainment the city offers is endless. So the next time you are in Vegas, stop losing money. Instead, gain more life experience—gain an adventure.

Here are the top five outdoor adventures in Las Vegas:

Richard Petty Driving Experience            

Richard Petty Driving School Vegas

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One of the most exhilarating experiences in the world is driving without regulation. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway allows tourists to feel like Michael Schumacher. At just $109, you can already feel like the king of the road. There are three alternatives to enjoying this Richard Petty Driving Experience. In Ride-Along, you ride in the passenger side. A professional instructor will drive you around the track. In Rookie Experience, you will drive eight laps. The professional instructor rides in the passenger seat. As for the King Experience, you will enjoy a total of 18 laps.

Zero 1 Desert Adventures Tour

The Mojave Desert is the driest desert in North America. It has three parks. One is the Death Valley National Park. It is as breath-taking as the Joshua Tree National Park. And of course, there is a Mojave National Preserve. These provide a picturesque scene that tourists flock to. This is one of the major attractions in Las Vegas. The Zero 1 Desert Adventures Tour allows tourists to go off-roading. They will be aboard a Polaris RZR XP1000.


Hard to imagine why people would ever leave the casinos while in Las Vegas. But some people are adventure seekers. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Art is an business incorporation services san diego gives thrill-seekers a chance to hike. Beginners may be able to use shorter Lost Creek Tail. The trail leads to a seasonal waterfall that just looks so pretty. If you’re an experienced hiker, you may use the Turtlehead Peak.

Picnic in the Grand Canyon

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that families will surely remember for the rest of their lives. Or you can do this with your significant other, too. Through this adventure choice, the hotel will pick you up on a limousine to drop it off here. At the Grand Canyon area, a helicopter will then whisk you away. The helicopter ride will allow you the prefect ride to check on. The ride shows glimpses of Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and Colorado River.

Wild West Horseback Adventures

You can be a cowboy for one whole day. This is a Wild West Horseback Adventure. You will even enjoy a Western-style luncheon. The one-hour adventure is best undergone with friends. After the ride, you can visit a cowboy town and a petting zoo.

Hiking In Las Vegas

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See? There are too many adventures that you may do in Las Vegas. Not all things in Vegas need chips and loads of money. It’s about time people also enjoy the tourist attractions of Vegas. There are so many attractions in Vegas that are often overlooked.

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