Citizens Against Sex Trafficking- Traverse City Chapter

My wife (Jane) and I attended the Winter Gala put on by the Traverse City Chapter of CAST.  We were absolutely blown away by the video we saw.  My wife has been mentored by their executive director Linda Solem, a fantastic and compassionate woman, who has a deep passion for people in crisis situations. Linda along with several other volunteers decided it was time to join forces and form TC Cast as a 501C3 non profit.  Jane and Linda met at Bay Pointe Community Church in Traverse City , the church where my father is the founding and lead pastor.

Due of Linda’s mentoring of my wife, we knew that sex trafficking in Michigan was high. What we did not realize, is that Michigan is #2 state in the nation for sex trafficking, second only to Nevada.  As a father of young children it sickened me to think  of any child being trafficked for any reason.

The movie below- from the Manesseh Project moved us deeply, as I am sure it will you.

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