Navigating the LegitScript Certification Landscape for Rehab Centers

Key Points

Aspect Detail
Google Ads Ban Began in September 2017 to combat scams, affecting all rehab centers.
Certification Requirement Mandatory LegitScript certification for advertising rehab services on Google.
Benefits of LegitScript Certification Ensures centers are legitimate, improving trust and ad viability.
Initial Steps for Certification Visit LegitScript’s website to begin the application process.
Total Cost $995 upfront and $1995 annual vetting.

Can You Run Google Ads For Addiction Treatment Without LegitScript Certification?

No. In order to run substance abuse or addiction treatment ads on Google, your treatment center needs a LegitScript certification.

The Opioid Crisis and Google’s Response

In response to the opioid epidemic and its escalating need for trustworthy rehab services, 2017 was a pivotal year. The year witnessed the exploitation of vulnerable individuals by opportunistic third parties seeking to capitalize on the desperation of those needing rehab. Observing this exploitation, Google made a decisive move in September 2017, implementing a ban on ads for a swath of rehab-related keywords.

This ban was a double-edged sword; while it effectively curtailed scammers, it also inadvertently penalized legitimate treatment centers, cutting off a vital avenue for their outreach efforts.

Google’s Certification Solution

As a resolution, Google introduced a certification process early in 2018 through LegitScript, a measure that reinstated advertising privileges for rehab centers but only for those who could bear the high cost of keyword advertising. This certification became a new gold standard in the industry, dictating which centers could participate in the Google Ads space.

Steps to Obtain LegitScript Certification

  1. Criminal Background Checks: Ensuring no criminal ties.
  2. Medical Licenses: Verification of proper medical credentials.
  3. Insurance Validation: Confirming insurance details.
  4. Operational Policies: Documentation of procedures and policies.
  5. Costs: An upfront fee of $995 and an annual fee of $1995 for continued certification.

What LegitScript Certification Entails

Prior to the imposition of LegitScript’s certification requirement, virtually anyone could attempt to rank for rehab center ads, leading to a high risk of scams. The certification process has introduced a rigorous verification system executed by LegitScript and Google, ensuring that only those with noble intentions are able to advertise.

Criteria for Certification

  • Extensive Background and Operational Checks: Ensuring the center operates legally and ethically.
  • Financial Commitment: Significant initial and ongoing costs.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation: From initial application to ongoing compliance.

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Becoming LegitScript Certified

For rehab centers aiming to navigate this landscape, here’s a succinct guide:

  1. Visit LegitScript’s Website: Start with the application form available online.
  2. Submit the Necessary Forms: Engage with the two-part form process to evaluate your eligibility and potential costs.
  3. Engage with Follow-up Queries: Post-submission, answer any additional queries from LegitScript promptly to expedite the process.

19 standards are meticulously reviewed by LegitScript, including compliance with state laws, the integrity of web content, facility disclosures, and more, to ensure a center’s suitability for certification.

Navigating the complexities of LegitScript certification is a pivotal step for any rehab center wishing to use Google Ads effectively. MasterMindSEO is ready to assist with setting up the ideal PPC campaign, leveraging our extensive experience in digital marketing to enhance your center’s visibility and integrity online.

Feel free to contact MasterMindSEO online or speak with one of our strategists today for more personalized advice and support.


How To Generate Leads For Treatment Centers Without LegitScript

  1. Google Business Place SEO
  2. Organic SEO
  3. Social Media Ads
  4. Organic Social Media
  5. Hire an expert addiction treatment marketer