Win In SEO With Quality Content Output

What Is Content Marketing?

You have probably heard this before, “Content Is King”.  While that is true, there is more to ranking higher in Google than simply publishing a few blog posts.

Content marketing can be any form of communication between (typically a business) and the end user. Different businesses use different forms (or a multitude) or content marketing strategies.

Video Marketing Content Marketing

YouTube is a content marketing strategy. Those videos, are something that has been produced that satisfies someone’s search intent. Some times that intent is simply to be entertained (thank you cat videos). Sometimes that person is looking for cooking lessions.

Social Media Content Marketing-Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook

Yes images from IG are content marketing. Pinterest pages filled with images are content marketing. Anything that provides value to the end user is content marketing.

Content Marketing Done Right

Our Content Marketing Strategies are built around shaping a voice for your business. We deliver fresh, relevant, industry specific news that can be centered and shaped around your specific geographic area to provide news worth reading about. Mixing in promotional pieces with helpful “how to” pieces has proven to be a great strategy for many of our clients. If you provide value to your community, people can and will come back to you.

Outreach Content Marketing

Getting back links is still the main reason why websites rank well in Google. Getting those links is one of the hardest things for most businesses to acquire. That is where manual outreach done by an experienced team, can have great results in helping your business achieve white hat links that drive SEO value, and referral traffic.

Industry Jargon To Make You Confused And Make Us Sound Smart

QDF– Query Deserves Freshness. Part of Google’s Algo where it states, that it wants to have the most relevant, newest data in its search results.

FOP– Frequency of Publish.  By developing and sustaining a high publish rate, for our content marketing strategies we recommend at least once a day, minimum. Most of our content strategies involve 5-10 pieces of content be pushed through your news site per month.

Why Our Content Strategies work better

Most SEO Companies, do not know how to syndicate content properly. Not so with MasterMind.  We understand how to syndicate content out to places where your content can engage and provide value to its audience.  With our Publication Strategies, you really do “win before you begin”.  Our publication strategy also generates real authentic social signals which are a piece of Google’s Core Algorithm.

Curated Content For The Win

Content Curation is all the buzz these days. Why does it work?  News companies have been using this strategy to increase their ability to scale up with fresh news breaking stories.  Often one company will not have the first scoop, and other competitors will end up referring back to the original source.  That is content curation at it’s core.  Our marketing team will help produce news worthy content on your website.  That content over time by maintaining a high FOP (Frequency of Publish) will eventually become  a trusted seed set.  Another benefit of working with us and our strategies are, you will often become a contributor for Google news. Meaning that when something starts trending in your niche or area, and we are blogging and posting about it, your site will show up in Google News Feed, which can drive incredible amounts of Traffic through that outlet alone.