LinkedIn is one of the best places for businesses to network and meet key decision makers. Infact, with MasterMindSEO, I have never gone to a BNI meeting or attended a Chamber of Commerce event. Why? Well for one, I’m not a huge fan of these types of events. I had been to a number of them when I was younger and frankly, I was turned off by the pushy salespeople just trying to hand out cards in the “hopes” that I wouldn’t throw away their card or need a realtor, tax attorney or roofing company at that exact moment.

So how does an agency owner, or quite frankly any business that relies on sales (which should be every business) to generate new leads without having to deal with these oh so thirsty meet and greets? Well, LinkedIn is where it’s at. No longer the red-headed stepchild of the Social Media world. LinkedIn really has found its sweet spot. It’s not trying to be Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. And people have really over the last 2-3 years started spending a TON more time on LinkedIn.

Infact, it is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms online. Business professionals are spending more time on LinkedIn (often than other platforms). As Facebook, Instagram and others have become more political and users are sick of seeing cat memes and riots, sometimes people just want to read industry news and try to improve their business or sales pipeline.

LinkedIn is really nailing it when it comes to helping people connect with other users that can help each other grow their business. Ok so now that we have established that LinkedIn isn’t taboo anymore, what now?

Well, if you have ever done any prospecting on LinkedIn (trying to find people that would be your ideal target market to sell to), you will soon find out how tedious and time-consuming this process is. You have to find them, view their profile, send them a message and wait to hear back. Then once you do hear back, you need to start cultivating the relationship. Relationships are what drive revenue.

LinkedIn Automation To The Rescue?

Listen, I know what you’re thinking. Automation is spammy. Well for about 90% of people automation is abused and is perceived as spammy. But what if there actually was a way to leverage the power of automation to help find your ideal customers, at scale and then begin to build value and a relationship that can lead to a sale?

Well that solution does exist. It just took me a long time to find it, or rather, build it. You see, years ago I tried using Dux Soup, I tried using Meet Alfred or whatever it is now referred to is as. It never really worked for me. The user tutorials were lackluster for someone who prefers a bit of a personal touch. Maybe it works for others, but for me, both companies fell short on the delivery.

Why We Built Kennected- The Best LinkedIn Automation Tool On The Planet.

My business partners and I decided to start building Kennected back in late 2018. We had a need in another marketing agency, to find new clients and scale that. We found that attending live events was, surprise surprise, not scalable. And often, not profitable.

So Devin, one of my partners started using other LinkedIn automation tools, and I honestly can’t remember which ones. Most of them didn’t work. One actually got his account suspended. He did eventually get it out of LinkedIn Jail. Yes that’s actually a thing.

So, we started taking ideas from the tools we have used, and started working with a developer and developed what we consider the best LinkedIn Automation tool on the planet- Kennected.  So most tech companies are fairly good at coding. Or at least they try to be. Sure, we believe that we have better coding, safer security measures and whatnot. But what sets Kennected apart from every other automation platform?  Truly? It’s the support system and our onboarding process. Remember how I said I liked the human element for training? Well most of partners did too. We decided, that we would personalize the training and spend time one on one with our customers. We empower our users to scale their lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn.

Now I know some companies claim to have “done for you” LinkedIn marketing campaigns. But in reality, all they are doing is using a tool, just like Kennected (obviously not as good), and paying their staff to run campaigns for their users. At a pretty penny too.

Remember the saying, “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime”? Well, these “Done For You” solutions simply sell you fish. Oh, and they charge 5-star restaurant pricing. We teach you to fish and let you control your own destiny.

Our onboarding process ensures that you know exactly how to cast out your line and catch fish. You will know how the tool works, what to do, and we even provide messaging scripts that are proven to be effective in generating connections and conversations.

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