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SEO For Tree Contractors

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Operating tree care company has many facets to it. There is running your own crew or crews. There is dealign with your clients. If you are an arborist, then there is continuing education. There are safety and compliance issues when dealign with climbing. There is insurance, gas costs and more.

We know what it is like to go through all these things, because we work with tree companies all the time. In fact, our first client loved working with us so much that we became a partner in the company and are growing out a multi location tree brand. 

Whatever the reason that you started a tree company, we are here to help you grow i tthe right way. Growing your tree care business can prove challenging. Are you a business owner, or are you a Facebook ads expert, as well as a content marketer, and Google Maps expert? How about SEO and getting your website ranked for your ideal keywords. What the heck are keywords? How do you know the right keywords to go after?  You as a business owner, are better off working ON your business instead of in your business. Leave the marketing to the Pros like us. 

Things have changed so much in the past 20 years for how tree contractors advertise and bring in clients. Billboards, bus ads they can all work. But are they trackable and are they truly profitable? 

Over the course of 11 years, we have worked with tree contractors and many other verticals online. In fact, we operate and run campaigns in THE MOST competitive spaces online. We know we can get your tree company more traffic and clients. 

We Know How People Search For Tree Companies Online

  • What Services do you offer?
    • Do you offer, tree trimming, removal stump grinding and removal, lot clearing and arborist services?
  • We can help you clarify the services and highlight them on your website and then give them the best chance of being put in front of a qualified buyer.

You don’t always have to be the biggest show in town. You can win without spending 10,000 a month in ads. Most consumers call on average 3-4 tree companies. If you answer your phone (we can help you set up a call center if you need), you are 3X more likely to get the job than other companies who don’t have staff answering the phones. People calling you, actually want to talk to you. Not an answering machine. 

We Build Tree Company Websites Designed To Convert Searchers Into Clients 

We start with some of the basic services.

  • Tree cabling
  • Tree trimming
  • Stump grinding
  • Stump removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Emergency tree trimming
  • Tree planting
  • Arborist services
  • Lot clearing
  • Storm Damage Cleanup

Use Tactical Local SEO To Rank For Tree Company Searches In Your Town

Before we even launch your new website, we do our SEO. While others state that SEO happens after the launch of a website, we know that building the framework for SEO happens prior to the launch. 

From site architecture, to building geographic specific city service pages. We know that SEO and conversion is at the heart of a great website build. 

Learning How People Search

Most of the time, if you service a larger city, there are suburbs or smaller cities. We target those cities as well as the larger metros. Think about it, if you live in a suburb of Nashville TN, do you type in “Tree Services Nashville TN” or do you type in “tree services brentwood” if you live in Brentwood? 

Google My Business (Google Maps) Marketing

What about if the person types in “tree companies near me”? What then? Is your GMB (Google My Business) optimized well enough to rank for Brentwood, if your actual address is in Nashville? How do you expand your proximity beyond what Google gives you as the default? How do you make your website pages and GMB location more relevant than a business who is technically closer to that person?

Local Directories

Starting off a good campaign is to make sure that your listing and website is listed on all the places that your competition is. places like Yelp, Foursquare, Houzz and more. Trust us, there are going to be lots of places that your competition doesn’t know about, because they didn’t have MasterMind in their corner. 

 We Build Locally Relevant Content With A Purpose. To Get You Found.

MasterMind’s content team is well versed in writing unique and captivating content that will draw the interest of Google, and the interest of people who want to hire you. 

Get Ready To Grow

We understand that not everyone is ready to grow. If you hire us to grow your company, you had best prepare fore more leads. 

How Long Does SEO Take?

Good SEO is not an overnight thing. We need at least 90 days to start to show proof of concept. You might start getting leads in within 2-4 weeks. But to be safe, plan on 90 days until we have gotten the campaign up and running, and then judge us by our work. 

Does SEO Work For Tree Companies?

Yes SEO works for tree companies. We have helped several tree companies 3X their YOY revenue.