Social Media Marketing To Increase Sales And Drive Results

Grow Your Audience. Increase Engagement.

Social Media Marketing Done For You

You know all the stats on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube.  Spending money on organic engagement as well as paid ads should be a large part of your marketing budget. If you are doing it yourself, are you really working on your business- or are you working in your business? Most businesses fall into these categories:

  • Do it in house. If you have a team or can do it yourself then by all means run your own campaigns both organic and paid.
  • Outsource it. Either have an expert social media agency craft and execute your daily posts and paid ads on social platforms, or have them consult with your existing team to create and craft a story board that will connect and engage with your target audiences.

Paid Ads vs Organic

  • Pay to plan. Pay to get more reach and eyes on your ads.
  • Organic is done a few ways. Topics, timing and frequency all come into play in getting the most bang for your time and energy. Having a solid “jab, jab, jab right hook” type of mentality in marketing today is essential. That’s why we build campaigns that offer value, entertainment, and education and then present an opportunity to buy. This model has worked for so many clients (ours and others) that we know how to do this in a repeatable fashion.

Social Media Solutions

If you are looking to catapult your followers and engagement then teaming up with influencers in niches that are related and relevant to you is essential. We reach out to key thought leaders and influencers on Instagram. We run campaigns through their platform to reach their audience. From give aways and competitions to “promoted posts” we help build an engaging story that fits their audience and will allow their audience to interact with your brand.