We get it. You probably do not have an in house staff member that can handle Facebook Ads, Social Media Posting, Website Design and upkeep, blogging and keeping up to date with SEO BEST practices. That is why so many addiction centers that do both detox and rehab, are looking to team up with an addiction marketing agency like MasterMind. Check out SEO for your rehab center.

Digital Marketing Battle Plans

Sound a bit extreme? Well, as the great Mike Tyson stated, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” While it is true that a great plan should be made, all great plans should be flexible. Certain factors like your geographic area will come into play that will skew what was projected to be a hugely successful play. Let’s say you are in Silicon Valley, and you want to run Facebook Ads to reach the 20-30 year old markets. Read on drug rehab marketing.

Well in Silicon Valley, everyone in that demo is on Snap, IG or the next up and coming app. Heck they are probably building the next great social media app themselves. So, it’s important to note that what works in certain areas of the country will not work EVERYWHERE.

That is why MasterMind knows the addiction treatment marketing landscape so well. We have worked in tons of geographic areas and know what will work based on our experience. From lead gen for rehabs to complete marketing campaigns include print work, we can handle it.

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