You want to grow your addiction treatment center. We have years of experience helping physicians and businesses grow their digital presence and drive leads. MasterMind wants to work with centers that are focused on helping their patients through their addiction, while simultaneously running a highly ethical and profitable center.

How Do I Get More Patients Into My Facility?

You have probably seen your competition advertising on Facebook, on Twitter, on Google Adwords. Are you looking to stay competitive, or are you looking to WIN?

MasterMind gives you the ultimate competitive advantage. Our Team of Experts can help drive qualified leads to your addiction center within 14 days.

Latest Marketing Trends For Addiction Treatment

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Adwords
  • Organic Facebook Posts And Reach
  • Content Marketing- self publishing as well as blogger outreach
  • Organic SEO (link building)
  • Lead Generation

All of these strategies will at some point drive leads and patients to your addiction center, so you need to have a unified strategy that will work together. MasterMind helps put together an addiction marketing plan to drive new leads and patients.

Facebook Ads

Using Facebook’s ultra data rich resources we can target certain demos that will help land your addiction center in front of those that can use your help. This is one of the fastest ways to drive leads in rehab marketing currently.

Organic Social Media

Providing industry relevant as well as geographically relevant pieces will foster good will for your business. We craft campaigns that helps define, helpful as well as interesting.

Content Marketing

Our writers know addiction. We create helpful articles that can solve questions that people are looking for answers for.

Organic SEO

We are all about outreach. With our SEO for mental health clinics, connecting your business to other website owners in the health, mental health and business niches will provide high quality backlinks as well as drive traffic. Google will see that you are actively promoting your website and credit you with increased trust and higher rankings during an active campaign. Still don’t get it? Our rehab marketing services can help promote your business on other people’s real websites. Your business gets exposure and links, which is a large factor in Google’s ranking factors. Ranking your addiction treatment center in Google, can be a huge win. You will typically drive qualified and targeted traffic, and as long as your site is set up correctly to convert- you will bring in new patients. That is why so many addiction treatment centers are so competive in wanting to do SEO for their detox center.

Lead Generation

Want to pay only for results? Our lead gen model places all the emphasis on leads being delivered via form fills or phone calls. As an addiction marketing agency, we will help craft the type of campaign that will help you ROI quickly and effectively. Lead generation is a great way to scale up your center and fill the beds quickly. Our team and rehab strategies can help drive leads in as few as 14 days.