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hi everyone and welcome to the connected 2024 sales and marketing Trends webinar

we’ll give everybody here a minute or so to hop on um Danny Bates is going to be

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at like we got some people hopping on here hi everybody Welcome to the webinar

today awesome we’ll go ahead and jump in um I know everyone’s time is delicate

here so it will probably take about 30 to 40 minutes to jump through this webinar we’ll have um some Q&A at the

end as well but as we’re going through the slides um feel free again to drop any comments or questions you have in

the chat and we’ll be monitoring those as we go through the presentation here so excited to kick 2024 off um can’t

believe it’s already 2024 brand new year um a lot of changes and updates going on

in the sales and marketing world so we’ll jump in here and get started so again I’m Chelsea van hookie

I’m the VP of marketing here at Connected um I’ve been in the marketing space for just over a decade working in

both B2B and B Toc working with businesses to really build out um

marketing strategy and um digital strategy so excited to be here along

with my co-host David so David you want to introduce yourself absolutely excited to be here guys sorry you can’t see my

face we had some technical difficulties and figured uh my face wasn’t the most important part of it so we’re going to

roll with it anyway so David Inman I’m the VP of sales uh my entire career

outside of a couple years that I spent in the Air Force has been in and around sales it’s been my passion and it’s been

everything from door to-door sales retail sales outdoor sales Tech sales I’ve done about all of it and uh for the

most part enjoyed all of it so far uh prior most recently prior to Connected I

worked for Sandler training where my specialization was sales technology so I traveled across the country um on stage

and in companies teaching how to use sales Tech better and that included everything from crms to video to email

to text to call uh just making sales teams more effective and that naturally LED over to Connected where that’s

everything that we do so excited to go through this with Chelsea today awesome so first we’re going to

take a little bit of a look back into 2023 so there was obviously a lot of changes that have been happening

primarily since covid but last year we saw um generative AI kind of really start to to build out in the marketing

and sales space um a lot of businesses you know kind of just tapping into the use of AI um still trying to figure out

you know where to really place that in a sales and marketing strategy um so we’re excited to dive into more of that AI

strategy here in 2024 and we’ll talk about that as we go through the presentation um and we also just saw

that marketing strategy was really built on data so as things change you know in

the sales of marketing industry things are changing very quickly rapidly almost every day there’s something new that

comes about um so just being able to leverage um you know really an an

Adaptive strategy was was really key last year and that will play a huge part going into this year as well um as we

have new regulations we have new tools and software um that’s really going to propel the sales and marketing space um

and kind of on the opposite end of that you know we saw a lot of things that didn’t work well last year just based

off of new technology that’s come out things that are now outdated that once maybe ran your sales and marketing

strategy um it just doesn’t cut it anymore based on new software and tools that are out there um as well as just

with the regulation changes and what you kind of can and cannot do in order to get in front of your um ideal Prospect

so that’s kind of a look back into 2023 and now what’s coming in 2024 so

again we’ve kind of touched about on this a little bit but data privacy is going to be crucial this year um and

many of you may have heard about a lot of the regulations that have come out out end of last year into this year um I

think a lot of people are familiar with you know can and cannots of sales and marketing whether or not you’ve actually

put that into your strategy there’s a lot of things coming out here even just with the ne within the next couple of

weeks that are going to be really key that you put into your sales and marketing strategy um because a lot of

these regulations can come with really Hefty fines if you’re not actually using them the right way um so we’ll talk

about data privacy um and how that’s going to really play into your sales and marketing

strategy next we’ll look at how AI will reshape sales and marketing strategies

so again a lot of you may have touched and you know tried out a different AI tool last year maybe you weren’t sure as

to how this is actually going to help your sales and marketing process or how to really use the most out of AI so

we’ll talk a little bit about how this can really reshape your sales and marketing strategy and how AI can be

your friend um and to not be afraid of it and lastly hyper personalization so

this is going to be key from both a communication and a prospecting strategy

um consumers nowadays want everything super fast super personalized and we’ll

dive into kind of what that means as you start building out your marketing and sales strategy for this

year so up first so data priv privacy regulations that you need to know so

again these are going to be key going into 2024 like I mentioned before um you know you may have implemented some

things within your business in regards to data and privacy regulations such as cookie tracking different things that

have come out over the last year or so that weren’t as highly regulated as they will be this year so we want to dive

into things that are going to be absolutely crucial in order for your business to conduct sales and marketing

communication the right way and really avoid some of these fines um and tactics

that are coming out so first up we have the bulk email sending so this came out

from Google and Yahoo and this is actually going to be taking place um February of

2024 and what this means is that you’re going to want to authenticate outgoing

email you want to avoid sending any unwanted or unsolicited email and make

it super easy for that consumer to unsubscribe to email so again just in a

quick overview of email compliance we really want to clearly identify what

types of emails we’re sending out to Consumers so again A A lot of these

policies are built out to really protect not only protect your business but get

in front of the right consumer with the right messaging so if you’re sending out emails that are clearly defined as

Marketing sales different tactics that you’re putting out there you want to make sure that you’re not using any

deceptive information such as email headers that might trick people into

opening certain emails subject lines different fields within the emails Etc

we just want to be super transparent with what we’re doing from an email marketing strategy so again making sure

that we’re just getting in all the right information in front of the consumer and lastly making it super easy for them to

unsubscribe so obviously we don’t want to have super un subscribe rates no one loves that but we do want to give the

consumer an option to be able to unsubscribe from that email or email sequence um and just make sure that

we’re doing everything the most legitimate way next up just kind of more on the

email compliance um so the can spam act again this is kind of going into some of

the most similar things that I mentioned um in the previous slide but we want to make sure that we’re not having a very

high spam rate going out from our emails and again this kind of Falls within the messaging types that you have your

emails presented as so making sure that your subject line aligns with the

content of that email message um and this is really just defining what you can and cannot do when sending out

emails so we don’t want to be deceptive we don’t want to have people that or have emails that do not give the people

the um consumer an option to unsubscribe and making sure that we keep that spam

rate of our emails as low as possible um because Google and yahooo will start to flag

those next up we have cold calling so a lot of you might be familiar with the

tcpa which is the telephone and consumer protection act um so this is going to keep automated calling systems and

pre-recorded voices so if you’re using AI for any of your automated calling systems we’re just going to keep these

in check and then also making sure that anyone listed on the Do Not Call Registry also stays out of any calling

sequences that you might have set up so how to really stay compliant with this

is you’re going to want to make sure that we have consent through signups um

and really maintain those consumer records that you have so if you have someone that has opted out of again

either your email sequences or primarily hear your phone sequences making sure that they’re tagged in a way that we’re

not going to over ride that data um and we’re going to have to have them reopt in if we ever do want to send them

future information so just making sure that this data is really clean in the

CRM that you’re possibly using to keep track of all of this um and just making sure that you’re transparent in the

messaging that goes out um a key thing here too if you are running a business

as a solopreneur or if you don’t have a large sales team um you know it’s a little bit easier to kind of keep track

of this information yourself but if you have a large sales team um or if you’re working remotely and have a team you

know across different states it is going to be really important that you make sure everyone has this information um

and everyone’s kind of on the same page for how we want to stay stay in compliance with these

regulations and then lastly here we’ll talk about the lead gen loophole um so

there might be some of you out there that have used uh AI for robo calling or Robo texting um and this is really just

closing that loophole on anything that a consumer has not expressed deliberate

consent for that we’re not sending out these automated text messages or or phone calls from um and again a lot of

this is just protecting the consumer so if someone has signed up for information

on your website through a form fill we only want to be sending them information related to that opt-in or submission

information that they that they’ve inquired on we want to make sure we’re also using standard lead generation

techniques so no more farming out leads no more using Partners or Partnerships

um to gain lead access from we have to be super deliberate in the information that we’re sending out to Consumers and

make sure it’s only related to information that they’ve opted in on or any form submissions are clearly

expressed with what type of information they’re going to get back from that lead generator that you have set up

so that’s a lot of information on data and privacy regulations um we are going

to follow up this webinar kind of giving you a breakdown of each of these but hopefully that gives you um some clarity

into a lot of the regulations that are coming out a lot of these again you might be familiar with because they’ve

been talked about over the last few years um but they’re really cracking down on how compliant you are being in

both your email tactics phone calls um and any other lead generation tools and

systems that you might have set

up okay so diving deeper into some marketing specific trends that we’re

seeing for 2024 so again we can’t repeat enough

about AI so that’s going to be the key to 2024 um and we’re seeing this really big

Trend in conversational marketing and what that means is that we’re using chat Bots and AI to really progress that

ation taking place with a consumer so again I kind of touched on this in the beginning but consumers want immediate

action so if you have someone fill out a form on your website and it’s taking you

or your sales team 30 minutes an hour to get back to that consumer chances are

they’ve already moved on to the next business um so we want to make sure that we’re right in front of the customer and

having these conversational tools especially AI someone can inquire on your website and get an immediate

response back and these are going to be really highly qualified conversations

that they’re having with AI so as we go on and we have these increased learning language models the AI is really going

to act as an extension of your business so they might be pulling information from your website different prompts that

you give the AI tool um these are going to be really highly qualified kind of chat specialist for your business to go

ahead and have these customer interactions on your behalf um and this will also help the conversion rates that

you see so as we’re getting you know speed to lead quicker we’re getting to that consumer we’re going to see those

conversion rates increase because the customer wants to be able to have these conversations immediately and they’re

just going to be super highly qualified with the knowledge of your

business on to the next one again kind of stemming off of AI but we’re going to see a lot of AI driven analytics so if

you’ve ever tried to pull a report build a report maybe from your CRM or just

other data analytics that you are wanting to use to drive your sales and marketing strategy chances are you’ve

kind of banged your head against your computer sometimes when you’re trying to pull these reports um but we’re going to

start seeing machine learning algorithms be able to pull these reports really really quickly process data in real time

and be able to pick up on consumer patterns and insights sooner so this is

going to help you from the standpoint of being able to look at real time data and how this can drive sales and marketing

strategy and then using these analytics to then further Define you know

different uh different uh Target markets that you might be needing to tap into different communication patterns um so

just from a a data perspective and if you’re a business that has a lot of data that you have to comb through using some

type of AI driven analytic tool or machine Learning System is really going to help you start to process this data

in a more efficient way and use it to drive your sales and marketing

strategy and lastly here um again hyper personalization so as we talk about

getting to a consumer quickly having the data to really drive that conversation consumers today want this fully

tailormade experience so every touch point that they have with your business they want to have their name first and

foremost they want to want you to know exactly what industry or business that they’re in um and this kind of spans

every area of your marketing communication strategy so from your content product recommendations

advertisements these all really need to be hyper-personalized for each individual consumer um and if you’re

thinking about that from the standpoint of maybe where your business is now that might sound like super overwhelming if

you have a lot of data that you have to comb through to get this information so again using machine learning using AI to

really extract this data and move it into how can you hyper personalize this

content for a specific Market it’s just going to drive and help increase those

conversions um I read an interesting statistic that 70 72% of customers will

only engage with personalized messaging so if you’re not using some type of

personalized content personalized ad sets um chances are your consumer is

just going to be passing by those and you’re going to be missing out on a lot a lot of leads there so as many

personalized interactions that you can create um and again just really tap into

AI tools allowing AI to really dissect your data give you um consumer Behavior

patterns that maybe would take you a really long time to process and a normal data extraction being able to use AI to

go in and Hyper personalize the interactions for consumers are only going to help increase your conversion

rates so kind of everything from building out your communication strategy

getting the analytics to really Drive anything off of that and then making these tailor made experiences are really

going to help drive and increase those conversion rates for your

customers all right so next we’re going to dive into this year’s 2024 sales

Trends so David you can take it from here thank you Chelsea now I know we’ve

covered a ton in this already uh so before I jump into just the very salesp specific aspect of this if you guys have

any questions about what we’ve covered or maybe we haven’t covered something that you just are really hoping that we

can talk about feel free to throw it in the chat and Danny will make me pause so that we can make sure we get you taken

care of um the other thing I just wanted to stress so there were obviously a lot

of things that changed last year and we’ve got a lot of changes coming up one of the ones that Chelsea brought up was

the lead generation loophole being closed that is huge for almost any

industry so if that’s not something that you’re familiar with I strongly recommend taking a note of that and

going and doing some additional research after um especially if you are in mortgage or real estate or finances any

of these areas is where you were up to this point pretty dependent on uh leads

coming from sources like that this is this is going to have a big impact if you think of something like Zillow where

you used to be able to get on and say that you were interested in a house and then they would share that lead with

dozens of other people and all of a sudden you’d have everybody reaching out to you uh that is no longer allowed

right so we’re going to see some big changes here um definitely something worth spending some time to familiarize

yourself with because that is a officially passed and they’re going to start enforcing that within the next couple of months all right let’s go

ahead and jump into some of the sales specific changes that we’re seeing the first one is just very AI uh related

right AI driven prospecting we are seeing this change to where sales reps are just becoming superpowered with

better technology so areas where if you have not uh started using this I

strongly recommend making this the year to become more effective uh one of those is CRM sequencing it doesn’t matter what

CRM you’re using if that’s Salesforce if that’s Zoho if that’s keep if that’s HubSpot all of them have some kind of

smart sequencing that has been put into it uh now I I say every CRM technically

there are some outdated ones if you’re on that just just change move to a crn that actually has good technology um at

Connected we use HubSpot so big fan of that but any of the crms with uh smart

CRM sequ quencing is going to make a big difference for you this is where you can make sure you’re hitting people at the

right times um that when you make a call when you send an email when you send a text it is happening at a good Cadence

so that those aren’t wasted efforts right the time of just sitting down and making call after call after call is

well gone we got to make sure those calls are made right after an email is sent so that we are we’re making that

the most effective possible the other big change that we saw kind of end of last year is that AI is helping us with

lead qualification and appointment booking so this is something that we uh

we started using at Connected midy year last year and just to share some of our

stats so our inbound leads we were seeing a conversion rate meaning that

lead becomes a meeting of about 17% and that was with a full uh built out

well-trained SDR team once we moved over to sales AI uh to help with that lead

qualification booking we went from 177% to 28% booking rate and our Revenue

nearly doubled on those same leads so highly recommend looking into that technology um the other is LinkedIn

Outreach right if we’re still sitting down and spending two three hours a day reaching out to people uh connecting

chatting through Linkedin then strongly recommend looking into technology that’s going to make that far more effective um

our our reps and we do a significant amount of business through Linkedin instead of two to three hours they’re

really looking at 15 to 20 minutes and they are getting far better results than those that are still spending two to

three hours doing that and then the last one weth throwing out is custom video now this one is still kind of in its

infancy state but I think we’re very close to this right I am a huge fan of video in any sales process if you’re

shooting an email uh if you’re shooting a LinkedIn message video just goes so

far making you stand out from other people and when that is personalized it makes a way bigger

Splash there is AI technology now that is making it so that it can come across

personalized even if it wasn’t right to where you can have a video where you say hey John really glad you and I could

connect and it will replace John for any name that you’re reaching out to we have yet to see one that feels completely

natural but I think this is the year that that’s going to happen so keep an eye out for what custom video is going

to do for your sales cycle because that’ll be huge as soon as that is available all right next

Slide the next is calling and texting all right so when we’re looking at this obviously calling is not dead any sales

trainer that is spouting that saying that we should not pick up the phone anymore uh is just trying to get views

because they’re wrong calling is still very much alive and it is not dying off anytime soon so some things to keep in

mind when we are calling and texting one when you are making a call if they don’t

answer I recommend doing what’s called a double call so if they don’t answer call right back the reason for that is

because robots don’t do that so we’ve all been getting hit by a lot of those Robo calls uh there’s a reason why

there’s regulation coming out to control those but when you get a robo call it’s a single call and then it does a voicemail drop and then it moves on so

if you’re wanting to get a better connection rate just immediately call back that way even if your phone is

showing up as an unknown number they are more likely to answer because if you’re calling twice it’s probably important

the other is that AI calling is improving quickly this is something that we’re even working on at Connected is

how to be able to make it so that over voice AI can communicate effectively

this again is still in its infant stages you’ve probably seen hundreds of ads on

this across social media it is getting closer and closer to humanik interaction

so definitely keep a good eye on that because uh that will become a major part of sales process uh in the year

2024 and the last part of this is when we are texting it is crucial that you

are only texting for business purposes when you have an explicit opin so there

are companies I won’t name them but there are companies that are telling uh their users that if you send out sales

and marketing texts and you simply give someone a way to opt out that that puts

you in good legal standing but that is not true it’s not even close to true you

have to have go look at tcpa you have to have an explicit option before you do any business related texting so make

sure you have that set up uh as soon as you do though texting is one of the absolute most effective ways for

outreach so I strongly recommend making that a part of your process all right

next next is US looking at our sales team structure so this is something else that has gone through some pretty

significant changes over the last couple of years one of the big questions that’s constantly being talked about is whether

or not SD RS are still needed on teams and this is this is a big question

because a lot of people disagree on it um I’ll give our take from what we’ve seen internally and then what we’ve also

seen in just conversations with our customers which we’ve got 20,000 customers so it’s a lot of conversations

SDR still can play a very important role on a sales team however when we’re

looking at sdrs this this leads into the second Point entry level very beginning

uh SD R who are really just there for an hourly paycheck those sdrs have have

become less needed uh with AI and Technology coming in and making everything move faster and better and

more effectively those type of sdrs just don’t really have a place anymore that can be replaced with AI it can be

replaced with cadences and sequences from crms um however oh thank you that’s

a good question as far as what is an SDR so that’s a sales development representative uh and SDR is typically a

very entry-level sales rep that their full responsibility is prospecting and setting meetings um they they were also

largely responsible for reaching out to Nosh shows and sending uh meeting reminders and and all of those kind of

basic sales tasks much of which can now be taken care of by technology however

uh at Connected we still have sdrs now our team is a lot smaller than it used to be uh because we’re using technology

more effectively but the sdrs we have are high skill level and that is becoming increasingly more valuable so

they no longer have to worry about the task like meeting reminders or following up because Tech does that but they are

now able to do very in-depth qualification calls and they can become much more targeted in the people they’re

reaching out to so I wouldn’t say we are past the point of needing sdrs but we are past the point of needing entry

level sdrs on our sales process and then the other thing that we’ve seen over and over again is that the hybrid Workforce

is definitely here to stay we see a lot of value in still having an office and getting to together in person right

humans still need that interaction but the full-time in office has

largely it’s not gone yet but it is quickly leaving it is going to become much more difficult to uh to recruit and

hire if you’re forcing them to sit in an office all day but giving them the ability to work from home part of the

time and then in office part of the time seems to be what uh employees are most wanting and what is leading to the best

results awesome so I think some of the you know we kind of shared some of the same sentiments here from sales and

marketing and obviously a lot of this overlaps um and I think from the standpoint of you know for the

regulations like there’s a lot there and there’s stuff there to protect both you as the business owner the sales team but

there’s also stuff to protect the consumer and that’s just going to help you in the end so as we have these

regulations in place you’re going to be structuring your commity communication to be more targeted um you’re also going

to be using different tactics that reach your ideal customer so I wouldn’t be if you’re someone that’s like oh my gosh

these are a lot of regulations that are coming out yes they are but they’re in place to protect you know both you and

the consumer and I think there’s a lot of benefits on both sides there so I would say as you’re starting to

implement these different changes within these regulations just keep that in mind

and how you can use these um to be most efficient in your marketing either your

marketing communication or your sales prospecting because these are really put in place to help both sides um and the

other thing I would say too you know we’ve obviously T talked about AI a lot um if AI is not a tool that you are

currently using I would highly suggest you know start researching you know either the manual tasks that you’re

doing dayto day um where an AI tool might help streamline some of that efficiency um and also just start you

know just get more learning about what AI is and kind of how it can really help your your either sales team or marketing

communication strategy um you know there’s a lot of tools out there it can be really overwhelming um but I think

kind of once you get into using Ai and you have it built out for different processes um you’ll really start to see

how it can really help streamline and create that efficiency within your

business any last sentiments you want to add David the only thing I would add is that

we are well past the time of hiring a rep and just having him sit down and make three to 500 calls a day um

shouldn’t have been doing that last year definitely can’t do that this year for a couple reasons one because you’re

unlikely to keep any rep that is having to do that on a daily basis but more importantly it just doesn’t work right

if we are not pulling in new technology then you’ll just be lapped and eventually you won’t be able to compete

anymore so if you’re not looking into technology please do it quickly because

your your competitor probably is exactly and I think we we mentioned this in the in the very beginning too

stuff that was you know really great in 2023 is now outdated for 2024 so if

you’re not hopping on this kind of as soon as things come out you’re going to fall behind and you’re not going to be

as competitive as your competitors out there um so yeah agree with David sentiment that Tech don’t be afraid of

Technology jump in start learning it um and see what fits and works for your

business and keep up to date on regulation changes we are Chelsea and I

are definitely not lawyers right we’re not giving legal advice but we are giving just uh cautionary um advice I

guess on please watch what is changing uh there are companies that are being shut down because they’re getting hit

with more fines than their revenue can handle because they were sending texts when they shouldn’t have been sending text and they were calling when they

shouldn’t have been calling so keep a very careful eye on on the changes that are happening major ones of our already

gone through and multiple others are on the docket for this year yeah

absolutely um all right so we’re going to hop into a Q&A session I know we kind of had some things come through the chat

so we’ll start going through um some of those comments and answer as most as we can um we do also have a QR code here on

the screen if you want to scan that um if you have any further questions for David and I feel free to reach out if

you have any questions on connected and the services that we provide for automated lead generation or some of the

AI tools that we have feel free to scan that set up a time um and you can chat with David and the sales team but we’ll

hop into the chat now and see if we can answer some of these

questions yeah one of the questions I was just posted was from Lacy asking where regulation changes are posted that

would be amazing if we had one source that we could go look at um sadly for some reason that’s not what happens and

I don’t know why uh main one that I would pay attention to to is tcpa that’s one that Chelsea brought up earlier and

most of what we talked about is going to fall under that right the the calls and the texts um even a lot of email

regulation will fall under that outside of that though if you have

legal counsel just ask them directly uh that’s that’s what we’ve done along the way uh we when I brought up uh that a

company was telling people uh that they can text if they give just an explicit opt out we were one of the companies

that was told that we asked our lawyer to figure out that that was incorrect so um definitely talk to Legal before

making any major decisions but tcpa is going to be the best place that you can watch for um changes on those things and

and then if you’re needing you you can also reach out to us we have to stay pretty up to date on this so we can at least share resources with you um if you

send me an email Chelsea an email my my email is davidc connected. um or you can scan that and

and connect with us as well we’re happy to share share any of the resources that we’ve gathered yeah absolutely um we’ll

definitely share some of those after the webinar as a followup um I did want to touch on I think it was maybe Benjamin

had the question of just like threshold tolerance um and kind of what’s considered you know spam or unwanted um

so again when we’re talking about you know bulk emails and emails going out these are in the range of 5,000 emails

out per day um so if you’re just sending off oneoff communication we’re not talking about you know just just the

manual emails that you would send day to day these are going to be your you know anything that you have in an email

marketing sequence if you’re sending out bulk messages more than 5,000 um you

want to keep that spam rate under a 0.1% and yes Google and Yahoo will flag

those um if you’re using some type of CRM tool like HubSpot specifically which

is what we use here internally um you can track you know kind of where your spam rates are at um to make sure you

know you’re not exceeding those um and also just making sure that you know the subject lines everything is is compliant

with what that message is sending um so as long as you have you know a really good subject line it’s detailed to what

the actual email message is um like don’t use the subject line of like get a free year subscription and then that

actually isn’t true or you don’t give that type of discount um so again a lot of this just kind of falls back on you

know doing things the right way being client for your customer um and then you know you can kind of avoid avoid those

areas of risk there and then if you’re using a CRM for this it will at least it should I can’t

speak for every CRM but it should give you um uh acceptable ranges right so it

should track what your spam rate is what your balance rate is and tell you if you’re in an acceptable range and then

that’ll allow you to fix that if you’re starting to get into a danger

zone absolutely um let’s see I use pipe Drive

how was that um David are you familiar with maybe how that works um pipe Drive is a CRM I don’t

have a ton of familiarity with it I know we’ve got customers that use it and like

it so I I can’t give any any huge amount of feedback on it outside of if it’s

working for you right keep using it um I I don’t have anything outside of

that sorry I’m not an expert on pipe Drive good questions though um and again there’s a couple other questions just

kind of on where this video will be available um so we’ll have this on demand on our website and we’ll also

send a followup with this recording um after we’re done and again we’ll we’ll try and include as many of those

regulation links and information as we can um and we’ll continue to kind of you know keep our networking Community

updated as those get released this year and any other changes that come about um

but we hope this has been super helpful for you and kind of planning out what your 2024 sales and marketing strategy

looks like um what you really need to you know be aware of as far as regulations um and just you know from a

consumer perspective what they’re really expecting from your communication and sales strategy um in order to have the

best conversion rate so thanks again for everyone joining today um David any last

words I I saw one of the questions that I had missed they said that they wanted more details um that we we kind of went

high level and they’d like more details um very happy to do that we didn’t want to get too detailed into the webinar

just because there was so much information um I can give you some just high level as far as sales Tech that

we’re using right now though if that would be useful so uh we use as far as our CRM we use HubSpot we think that

they’re a great CRM if you have any questions about that let us know we can show you how we use it uh and we can

introduce you to our Hub SWAT rep if you want to have a conversation with them um for our LinkedIn Outreach we use funnel

flow again very happy to dive into what that looks like for you um the results we’re getting from that the the time

that it’s saving I saw something on there saying that LinkedIn doesn’t allow automation um that is one of the things

that happy to cover into further detail LinkedIn does a really good job of making sure that uh Bots are not using

LinkedIn they do a good job of making sure that it is human communication and so you’re not allowed to use AI 2-way

conversation on LinkedIn uh but we are allowed to still use technology that is just going to make us more effective in

the beginning part of the conversation so we can show you what that looks like and how we use that um for our inbound

leads for conversion we use sales AI uh that is the technology that we built uh we tried others in the past and they

just didn’t work as well so we built our own and it works incredibly well so very happy to show you what that looks like

um and then for our dialing we actually we we call through HubSpot but then we also use a company called alware to be

able to help with that um obviously there’s more sales Tech that goes into it though so if you have some more

detail uh type questions you’re wondering what we’re using what our customers are using what’s working what’s not working very happy to jump on

a call and and go through that with you and yeah as far as uh getting set up

for an info call um that that QR code you can set a meeting or you can shoot an email to me David ATC connected and

uh and we’ll find some time to chat very this is this is something I nerd out about right I love sales technology I

kind of always have so if you want to get together I’m very happy to have that ation with

you awesome I think that kind of wraps up everything we wanted to cover today and I know we’ll have some good

follow-ups after this but um we appreciate everyone joining today and we look forward to the next webinar we’ll

let you know um we’re hope to do these at least once a month um and we’ll start having you know some more dedicated

sales and marketing webinars because you know it’s that that’s the way to go for this year there’s a lot of stuff

happening so hope hope that you can join us on our future webinars and um again thanks for joining us


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