If youre an SEO, then you can agree or disagree with me. Thats cool. If you’re a business owner reading this, what I’m about to tell you can be the difference between selling goods, services and not.


Situation: Client Had Old Permalink Structure With /year/month/day In URL

Having an article with a several-year-old year in the URL was causing a decrease in the click-through rate. We hadn’t lost rankings. We had noticed, however, that the impressions were the same, but the CTR was lower. In the SERPS (google search results), you can see the year etc it was published. And if we were to change the year it was published, it would change the whole URL thus creating a redirect. WELL, if we had to set up a redirect anyway, why keep jumping around and updating the URL every 6-12 months to ensure we have a relevant publish date and URL structure?


Answer: We Updated The URL Structure to have “clientdomain.com/blog/main-keywords-here”

Results were an INCREASE in the rankings from #6 to #2, Higher CTR, and an extra $500k in funds raised (high net worth niche). Now we’re able to get more Clicks from the search results, which in turn can and often does increase the end rankings. So by making a simple URL structure change, we were able to help the client make an extra $500k in 2 months.

If you are looking to increase your rankings on Google, and make more money for your business or addiction treatment center (that’s our main niche, but we can crush any vertical given an appropriate budget), then schedule a time to talk.



Stephen Twomey



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