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  • Chris Swan

    "In so many words, Tim Croll is the man. And I don’t throw that term around loosely. Tim very quickly helped me gain clarity in my business goals, as well as some personal goals. When I decided I wanted to start my own business, I was a little lost in a google-fueled sea of marketing strategies and business ideas. Tim really helped me focus in on what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. With a perfect mix of encouragement, wisdom and honesty, he helped me work through some big personal and business challenges over a relatively short amount of time. I now have an amazing business that I am building and I owe a lot of that to Tim. I continue to learn from him daily and am proud to call him my friend."

    Founder and CEO - Soul Motivation Records

  • SammyT

    “Tim was an incredible resource and wealth of information. that totally helped me push my first online project
    GlobalDjNow over the finish line. We’ve been growing in revenue ever since! Major Kudos to Tim!"

    Founder @

  • Joshua Latimer

    "Tim Croll has an extremely unique skill set that allows him to see exactly how to grow a small business. When we did our first white-board session together I was blown away at his ability to take complex tasks and make them simple and clear."

    Founder at Quick Talk Podcast
    CEO at Send Jim
    Podcast with Joshua Latimer


They say no man is an island. But did you know that the rule also applies to business establishments? Some entrepreneurs fail to realize that they need all the help they can get—it is a very competitive market after all. Whether you’re only getting started on setting up your brand, or you’re already an established name in the community, you need the help of business consultants. Businessmen are talented, creative, and dedicated people. They won’t stop until their business is off the ground, and then some. But we must admit that we can’t possibly know everything there is to know about the game. We need eyes from the outside, looking in. That is where business consultants come in. If you need a rundown of all the benefits you and your business can get from a consultant, here is the complete guide for it.

What is a business coach and why do you need their help? Surely, you know your business better than anybody, right? Well, that’s where the problem lies. Businessmen are indeed adept at what they do, but they can’t do it alone. A business coach isn’t just someone who understands your brand; he is someone who also understands the market, the competition, the demand, and the best route to success. Some may argue that only the entrepreneur should decide where that “best route” is, but business coaches can give invaluable advice that will shape the business owner’s decisions. They provide helpful information based on facts—and they won’t hesitate to give it to you. Newer entrepreneurs have the tendency to surround themselves with supporters in order to gain confidence. This is a good tactic. But they also need someone who is not afraid to give them the truth. If something isn’t working, the business owner should be made aware of it. This way, they can make changes that will steer them toward the right path. The feeling that you have someone backing you with hard truths and information can provide you with a different kind of confidence. This confidence isn’t rooted in self-esteem, but rather in the knowledge that you know exactly where your business is going. Business coaches can help turn your ideas into reality. And they will also tell you if a certain idea isn’t right for your company at the moment. You’ll gain a valuable confidante. You’ll be able to discuss all your concerns. In the end, you will be able to filter out all the noise that’s clouding your judgment. Both you and your business will flourish.

Aside from giving you valuable advice and information, and serving as your sounding board, business coaches can help you progress faster than you normally would. Their goal is to give you the right perspective so you can move from where you are to where you want to be. They can help you achieve this by expanding your networking opportunities. As we all know, business is as much about providing excellent goods and services as connecting with the right people. Business coaches have a great network that you can tap into, so you can increase your chances of succeeding. You may meet potential investors or clients through your business coach. You can expect them to put in a good word for you. If you establish a solid connection with your business coach, you can work closely with them and the vast network that they can provide you. Business coaches can also help you run your growing organization. As it grows, things get more complicated, and you can get distracted from all the things that really matter. Coaches can help you prioritize the essentials. Beyond these, it is also a well-established fact that business coaches can help you make more money. With a guided direction, you will be less likely to make mistakes, and more likely to put in your energy into all the right things.

Choosing the right business coach can be tricky. You are going to delegate some very important tasks to them. In turn, they will be helping you steer the ship. So for all intents and purposes, it is important to hire someone you can trust. When you begin working with a coach, you will need to develop a connection with them through honest communication. You can’t achieve this without mutual trust and respect. So how do you find someone you can trust to handle your business alongside you? For starters, you can do your research: read their books, find out what you can about them, and learn about their work ethic. What kind of results do they produce? Are they really that efficient? The only way to create a stable foundation is to expand your financial and traffic sources. A good business coach would have relevant experience in the industry. Only an experienced entrepreneur can give you solid advice on how to deal with business problems. An experienced coach will be able to focus on your specific goals and concerns, without relying on generalizations or what simply works for other businesses. Take your time when choosing a business coach. You don’t want the coaching process to be doomed right from the start. You can look for recommendations from trusted friends. You may even consider signing up for our group training sessions, or even a one-on-one coaching program.

Before getting started on a business venture, aspiring entrepreneurs usually hone a wide range of skills first. Some of them begin by learning about the economy. Some try to spread and strengthen their connections. Some of them try to perfect their product beforehand. Businessmen undoubtedly have broad skill sets. However, these skills cannot prevent changes in the market, in the economic climate, and in the industry. A truly skilled businessman may be able to predict it, but will not have the means to act on it—not without the aid of a business consultant. It’s hard to respond to these changes without the advice of an expert. The risks are usually higher than the reward. And in this industry, one should always be careful with every action and decision. A business consultant, particularly a specialist, can provide the knowledge and skills needed to deal with these changing situations. They can provide the entrepreneur with an unbiased viewpoint. They will help you execute your plans properly, depending on how the market, the competition, and the consumers are doing. Business consultants are often hired in advisory roles, although some take an even more active approach. It depends on what you agree upon, and what services you require of them.

Business consultants serve many roles. They can be considered coaches, although some of them prefer to give advice rather than provide step by step assistance. We can say that a business consultant’s job depends on the business owner’s specific needs. Business consultants serve as industry experts—people who are familiar with the “game” and how it is played. They can also serve as facilitators or mentors, providing ego checks when they are necessary, and providing a morale boost when needed. Furthermore, business consultants could help train aspiring entrepreneurs. Some business owners feel like they are not prepared for the big leagues, even when they’ve been running the business for years. A business consultant can help you change your course and reach heights you’ve never seen before. So what are the common needs that convince business owners that they are in need of a consultant? Well, most entrepreneurs choose to seek assistance whenever they find themselves in a dilemma they can’t navigate their way out of. When you’re feeling hopeless, and you have no idea what to do next, and where to go, a business consultant can come in handy. They can lead the way, or guide you towards your next option. Other entrepreneurs hesitate to make changes in their business. It’s either they don’t want to change (therefore missing out on big opportunities) or they don’t know how to. A business consultant can help initiate this change, either by providing education, or obtaining funds, or resolving existing problems. Even successful businessmen look for consultants whenever they are in need of temporary assistance. There are other benefits you can expect from hiring a consultant:

A business consultant will help free up time for important tasks. When you’re a business owner, everything may seem important at first glance. This is why so many entrepreneurs exhaust themselves over every bit of detail of their operation. But prioritizing the absolute necessities can help you filter out the things that are only second priority. The consultant’s job is to help you realize which is which. They may guide you on the changes you have to make in your own schedule in order to suit the needs of your company. They may help you organize your tasks in a manner that is consistent with your goals and aspirations. On a more visible level, they can simply free up your time by accomplishing some of the tasks for you. If you need to connect with an important client, they may set up the meeting so that you don’t have to. This gives you a bit more freedom to move as you please. Some may believe that a person who helps you execute and implement plans is more of a manager than a consultant. However, one can also argue that all that planning is a waste of your time if no one’s going to help you put it to motion. Business consultants help you stay organized—meaning you get to stay ahead of the competition.

As a business owner, have you ever wondered how you can scale your business? It is every entrepreneur’s dream, after all. But there are many roadblocks that can keep you from achieving this goal. Having no clear plan on scaling is one of them. A business consultant can help you answer some of the most important questions related to scaling. For example: “what additional services can you offer to your customers?” They will help you discover the best path towards your goal. It can be through new technology, new software, new tools, new social connections, or a new plan entirely. They can even tell you if your business is not scalable at all. It is important to remember that not all business can or should scale. Perhaps it’s not the right time, or maybe it’s really not the type of business that scales. Whatever problems that may arise, your business consultant will inform you of them. Scalability refers to a company’s ability to expand. This is a good objective to have. However, there are many things to consider, such as number of staff, funding, and systems. You can ask your consultant if it seems like the right time to scale—and you can ask for advice on how to approach it. If they say that your business isn’t ready to scale yet, it might be better to enhance your business operation first, or prepare funds for your next move. By communicating with your consultant, you can learn how to scale properly.

All their advice would be for nothing if they can’t increase your sales. You wouldn’t need a consultant who simply tells you why your business isn’t succeeding—you need someone who’ll teach you how to get over the problem. Business consultants help you by identifying problems and giving you options on how to solve it. They can point out the weaknesses in your company. Is your marketing department lacking? Do you have employees that need more training? Is the market not accepting the product? By telling you what needs to be changed, business consultants allow you to adjust your strategy. This means more money for you. You’ll find it incredibly useful if you hire a business consultant who is an expert in the specific market you are targeting. They will help you capitalize on all the best opportunities that come your way. You’ll be able to make the most out of these opportunities, instead of letting them slip by. The best business consultants are known to revive entire organizations by working closely with the entrepreneurs behind the brand. Some who are working with failed enterprises can help the business owner start anew—with a new business plan.

As you can tell by now, business consultants can give you plenty of advice covering many different aspects of your business. But one other benefit of having a consultant is getting advice regarding your own entrepreneurial skills. At this point, we’re beyond the occasional ego checks. Here we are talking about leadership: your way of leading your staff. If you find it difficult to manage your employees, perhaps you should try leading them instead of managing. Both words usually have a positive connotation, but there is a slight difference between the two. Managing your staff would involve telling them exactly what to do, while leading them is a bit more complex than that. It involves discussing your goals, setting an example, and achieving your objectives alongside your employees. Business consultants can help you strengthen your leadership skills. They can point out the weak points in your leadership—something you must take as constructive criticism. This advice should help you unify your staff under one goal: the progress of everyone involved, from the brand itself down to the last employee. Consider your consultant as a supplement to your existing staff. He or she can help mold you into the business authority you want to be. You will become an influencer, as well as an achiever. Again, the purpose of consultants goes beyond simple advice. They can handle the hard stuff, such as letting go of some staff members if necessary. They can even teach and train your employees.

The benefits mentioned above are things that business consultants have been providing for many years. But in recent times, both the business and advertising landscapes have shifted, and now digital marketing is the preferred medium. Business consultants these days have to be proficient and familiar with how it works. A good consultant will be able to provide you with good marketing strategies. You have to learn this yourself, as digital marketing will play a key role in expanding your business. Chances are, you are already quite familiar with it. You may already be advertising your brand through social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many more. But digital marketing isn’t limited to social media. In fact, it is an umbrella term that refers to all forms of advertising done online. This includes email, search engines like Google, blogs, and other areas of the web. Nowadays, the internet isn’t just a tool for research; it is a powerful connective medium that expands your horizons. You have to be able to harness this incredible power—the world is at your fingertips, after all. You just need to know how to make full use of it. Your business consultant will teach you how to identify your audience and connect with them. You will learn what types of material you should be using to reach specific groups of people. Entertaining YouTube videos, for example, are more likely to reach millenials than the older members of the community. It can get more complicated than that too: you’ll have to learn about content marketing, content automation, display advertising, and even e-books. But learning which tools achieve which goals can go a long way in strengthening your online presence. Digital marketing is great because most people are spending their time online nowadays. Now if only you could pinpoint which ones are likely to be your customers. A business consultant will help you with this matter.

There are many different types of digital marketing. It’s good to be familiar with all of them. Your business consultant should be able to teach you all about them. But let’s discuss the basics of some of the most common ones. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of getting traffic through search results. SEO is a common technique used by businessmen to endorse their brand online. They generate content that are geared to acquire “natural” or “organic” search results by using keywords. If your brand shows up on the top results when you type in a keyword on a search engine, then there’s a huge possibility that people will click on it. Your business will get more views and you will attract attention from the right people. This will eventually translate into sales. It’s all about making high quality content consistently. As an entrepreneur, we must value the power of visibility, both online and offline. Your business consultant will show you how to improve your rankings and drive traffic. Don’t just make your site search engine-friendly. Make sure it is worth visiting as well. Don’t forget to put all the necessary information so that potential customers can reach out to you. Digital marketing is all about networking after all. Give them content that entertains them, and then give them a reason to stay.

Is there even a way to deny the presence of Facebook in our daily lives? Sure, not everyone has an account, but we live in a society that’s connected online through a famous social networking site. Facebook marketing is a common strategy nowadays, given that people go online every few hours to check on their notifications. Imagine: you can reach over 2 billion people using well-placed ads. Surely, you’ll find your target audience among those profiles. Entrepreneurs shouldn’t pass up on the opportunity to reach all these people. A vast number of clients: just a click away! We can even say companies who aren’t on Facebook are missing out. But like they say, with great power comes great responsibility. You cannot misuse this power simply because you have unprecedented access to massive amounts of potential clients. You still have to be careful: your brand’s reputation is at stake. You don’t want to use Facebook as a marketing tool only to leave the wrong impression. You want to reach these people and show them how great your brand is. Facebook is a powerful tool—but only when used properly. Ask your business consultant how to properly engage your audience.

Another tool that might help you in terms of digital marketing is Google Adwords. It is an advertising system created by Google itself, wherein advertisers can bid on keywords. The purpose is to have your clickable ads appear in the site’s search results. This is Google’s way of making money from regular search requests—and you can take advantage of it by bidding yourself! Many businessmen wonder if Google Adwords is an effective marketing tool. “Is it worth it?” you may find yourself asking. But it all depends on the relevancy of the keyword you are bidding for. Of course, your ad must also be appealing in order to get clicks. So there’s no easy way to know just how effective this tool is. But just like most other digital marketing tools, you can do your best to influence its success. A business consultant can help optimize your ads or give advice on what keywords to bid on. They may even have experience on using Google Adwords themselves! One of the benefits of having a consultant is that they can help you calculate the costs of Adwords advertising. There are many factors that might go into it, and the price ultimately varies. But your consultant should be able to give you an idea on how bidding works for this particular marketing tool.

While consultants are more focused on non-biased, fact-based advice, and coaches are more focused on execution of plans, business mentors can be seen as a combination of the two. Generally speaking, mentors are different because they have more experience. They will tell you what needs to be done, what can be done, and how to do them—by basing on their own entrepreneurial experiences. Some business mentors have experience based on running their own firm for a couple of years. If you need someone who can listen to your ideas and tell you if it’s worth investing on or not, you’ll want their help. If your idea makes sense to them, they also probably have an idea on how you can properly execute them. But the most distinct quality that mentors have that consultants often don’t, is their ability to empathize with you. Consultants are supposed to be objective—and that’s good. But if you want someone who can discuss personal issues and relate to your struggles, a mentor might be the better choice. It’s a breath of fresh air, knowing that there’s someone you can confide in regarding your work and business life. Make no mistake, business mentors will still give you unbiased criticism, but they also understand your passion and determination.

Business mentoring is a professional relationship. It involves receiving support and encouragement from a person with specific skills and experience in the industry. With the help of a business mentor, you can sharpen your skills as an entrepreneur. You can also maximize your business’s potential. You aren’t just getting advice anymore, you are obtaining knowledge and skills. A good mentor will not only help you get on the right path, but they will also know when to take a step back and let you come up with solutions to your brand’s problems. A mentor’s service begins with an assessment, wherein they define your mentoring requirements. They will also take into consideration all your objectives and progress so far. This way, they can make an action plan that can help you make your next big decisions. They will work closely with you when it comes to implementing (or changing) the action plan. Business mentoring has a number of benefits. For starters, your productivity will improve. You will know exactly what it takes to grow as a person and as an entrepreneur. You will get important feedback regarding your leadership skills, your network, your marketing strategies, etc. But most importantly, you will have a new friend: an industry expert who understands your frustrations.

Remember all the benefits of social media and the internet? Combine those with all the benefits of having a business mentor, and you’ve got a solid idea of what a virtual business mentor is. So what is a virtual business mentor and why should you consider hiring one? This one is pretty self-explanatory: a professional with industry experience, who can serve as your mentor, except through the internet. This is in stark contrast with the one-on-one sessions you can have with a mentor. There’s no emotional connection; it doesn’t really create the same friendly atmosphere. But the benefit here is that there’s also less hassle. If you’re too busy managing your business to conduct meetings with a business mentor, then a virtual one might save you some time and money. You don’t have to be in the same room to get their knowledge and advice. This is a very fast and easy way of resolving your problems. You can seek out another perspective—all without leaving the comforts of your home. Hiring a virtual business mentor is also less difficult. And since you can just hire one so quickly, you can use them as supplementary counsel if you do have actual consultants, coaches, or mentors.

When we talk about business mentors, we don’t necessarily mean that they’re just one person. It could be two people; it could be a group. If you share your experiences with a group of people with similar concerns, skills, and experiences, then that is what you call a business mastermind group. In this type of arrangement, you get the same kind of energy and excitement that you give. You get to exchange thoughts and ideas—brainstorming for each individual member of the group. This way, you can pool your knowledge, and get inspired by everyone there. There’s a simple pleasure that comes with working with people who are on your wavelength. A business mastermind group can foster everyone’s growth simultaneously. You can serve as a mentor for others, while everyone else serves as a mentor for you. It’s not just the confidence and security that you gain from this setup. You also get to challenge others as much as they challenge you. And so members of business mastermind groups are encouraged to be unbiased. They should all be capable of giving honest and respectful advice. Business mastermind groups are perfect for entrepreneurs with similar interests, similar skill levels, and a similar desire to succeed.

A business mastermind group is also known as a peer advisory board. It is similar to mentorship, except it has more participants and everyone serves as a mentor for everyone else. You get honest feedback from your peers and they help you come up with new plans and ideas. Mastermind groups create a community of like-minded people. They boost your confidence and help take your business to new heights. Think of mastermind groups as your own board of directors, except more objective. The idea behind business mastermind groups is that people are more likely to succeed when they coordinate their efforts with similar people. If each individual is working toward a definite purpose, this harmony can take them to extraordinary places. You should consider joining one if you aren’t comfortable with one-on-one mentorship. If you think you can move more freely within a group, then this is the best option for you. In a business mastermind group, you can let go of your worries; you can overcome your fears. Your peers will encourage you to make the right changes. You will gain multiple perspectives and viewpoints. You can exchange ideas and grow together. In the end, this teamwork will lead you all to success.

Just like any other type of mentorship, joining a business mastermind group can give you a lot of benefits. We already talked about how it can help you get new ideas through brainstorming. But your peers can also come up with solutions to your problems. Sometimes the answers don’t occur to us until someone points it out. And in a group, you are more likely to come across a few solutions you haven’t explored. While all of you in the group will have similar skill levels, there’s a possibility that you will have strengths and weaknesses that others don’t. Therefore, they will have skills you don’t have—or areas wherein they perform better. You can tap into this new network for help, just as they can ask for your help in areas you know very well. Executing plans that have already been screened by your peers can help you become more confident. Now you know what to do and how to do it. This increases your chances of succeeding. If nothing else, business mastermind groups serve as valuable support networks. Members can become your friends instead of just acquaintances. You can gain valuable aid from people you trust, and people you’ve grown with.

Increasing your sales doesn’t just apply to traditional businesses; it can also apply to e-commerce businesses. The focus here isn’t just improving your products or expanding your client base. You must take the time to attract people to your website and make sure they would want to stick around. Setting up an e-commerce store may not be as difficult as setting up a real store, but it’s still a challenge, nonetheless. And this challenge does not end with setting up the online store. Ask your business consultant how you can get more clicks or sales. You can ask them about various advertising techniques. But knowing this is an e-commerce business, we’re mostly talking about digital marketing. You may need to hire designers to help make your brand stand out, or at least make sure everything looks consistent yet accessible. Optimizing your store is the key here. Your mentors will tell you that your website is just as much a product as your actual offerings. You will want your visitors to “buy” the site (meaning you have to make them want to be there), before they buy anything. Have your visitors sign up for more content; ask them to subscribe to your newsletter if you have one. Make your website look good, and make sure your products are reliable. This will make sure they keep coming back for more.

You can advertise your site through various websites, or as we discussed earlier, through keywords and search engines. But do not forget about social media. This is by far one of your most important marketing tools when it comes to digital marketing for e-commerce businesses. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s effective. This is one strategy every business owner should be utilizing. Ask your coach how you can use it to its full potential. Facebook is all about social networking, but e-commerce businesses can also use them for ads. By now people have accepted ads as a natural part of social networking sites—including Facebook. And though they may get annoyed by repeated ads, they will still be paying attention to it. And those who are in need of your services will find these ads welcome. Facebook is considered one of the most influential sites in terms of social commerce. But of course, since every single one of your competition is also using it, you will want to stand out. You will still need the help of your consultant to determine what kinds of ads you should be playing. Where should you put them, how big should they be, and how often should people see them? Facebook offers many different types of advertisements for entrepreneurs. Find out which suits your brand best.

Any business owner will know that it’s important to rank higher than your competitors on Google. But any business advisor will tell you that it’s more important to be at the very top of the search results. When people are doing their research on certain topics and products, which link do they click first? The top one. Chances are, they’ll find what they need there, and your site will still lack the views it deserves. Not unless you have really unique and helpful content in there. And so it’s a power struggle for those who are in the first page of the search results. It’s more of a hopeless case for those in the following pages. They’ll need to land on the first page to get decent amounts of clicks. Not many people click the second page of the Google search results after all. And so the “optimization” in Search Engine Optimization becomes the most important thing. It should become your number one priority. If you think your brand deserves the attention you want for it, then you will make content that will put you on top. Your e-commerce website will get tons of clicks, which we all know will translate to sales. Guess what? We specialize in helping entrepreneurs increase sales and grow their brand with SEO.

Just like Facebook ads and SEO techniques, Google Adwords can play a vital role in marketing your e-commerce business. Like we discussed earlier, Google Adwords lets you bid on keywords so you can place ads in those search result pages. Depending on which keywords you pay for, you can get a large amount of views just by having your ads placed there. If your e-commerce business is all about selling clothes, then you will want to invest on keywords that are related to fashion, accessories, or clothing items. If you can buy keywords that are specific to your products, there’s a higher chance that you will attract your target audience. People searching Google for clothes are more likely to click on your ads about a site that is selling clothes. It’s all about having your ads in the right place. Consult your business coach if Google Adwords is a good fit for your business right now. Try to learn what keywords are most likely to give you the clicks you want. After all, you don’t want to invest your money on keywords that nobody uses. E-commerce businesses are just as reliant on ads as traditional businesses. But because the digital world is your domain, you have to learn its inner workings to make the most out of it.

While e-commerce businesses are all about dominating the web and attracting as many people as you can, brick and mortar businesses have a more traditional approach. This is the term for street-side businesses. These are the ones we see lining the streets, inside malls, and even within campuses. Basically, it includes any business that’s not in the web. At first glance, it may seem like e-commerce businesses have all the advantages. They can be accessed by everybody, and they are much easier to manage. They also have lower operating costs. However, brick and mortar businesses have their own benefits as well—even those that e-commerce brands don’t have. Brick and mortar businesses are usually those started by entrepreneurs who believe in one-on-one interactions with their customers. They feel like they’ll be able to make a genuine, emotional connection with their clients by being there physically. Undoubtedly, there is a figurative wall between the clients and e-commerce business owners. Customers themselves prefer seeing items with their own eyes before buying them. Trust is much easily established, and they can try on the product or service right away. Consumers are more inclined to believe brick and mortar businesses are more legitimate. To see is to believe, after all. Business advisors can help you find the right locations for all your branches. Just like in real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. They can help you assess the market in a specific place you are targeting. They can help you calculate the costs and the perceived income. Once again, it’s all about planning ahead and receiving the right advice.

Search engine optimization works for brick and mortar businesses just as much as their web-based counterparts. Again, you will need to choose the right keywords in order to reach your target audience. From that point on, you’re going to have to come up with topnotch content, in order to make it to the first page of the search results. Like we previously established those who aren’t on the first page of Google’s web results are at a severe disadvantage, because people rarely click those. Ask your business coach how you can make great content. Content can come in the form of articles, how-to guides, recipes, blog entries, pictures with captions, videos, and many more. Good content will be relevant to the target’s interests. They will also be entertaining. They have to maintain the audience’s attention long enough to make their point. Content must be informative—something people can learn from and use in their own endeavors. They can also be inspiring. If you can touch them on an emotional level, you are likely to gain their trust. This will encourage them to trust your brand and try out your offerings. All this can be achieved through simple, calculated, and well used keywords

To sum it all up, business advisors of all forms can help guide you as you change, improve, and strengthen your brand. Their advice can help you navigate a tricky market, no matter how often it shifts. Though the competition may increase over time, you will learn to rise above them, with a solid understanding of your mission and goals.

Mentors can provide you with tips and tricks based on their own entrepreneurial experiences. Coaches may open doors you’ve never known before. Consultants can give you updated information about the industry itself. Peers can grow alongside you, creating your own community. They can teach you about the things you’re not familiar with. They can help you master e-commerce, digital marketing, and all the other complexities that are related to modern entrepreneurship. You will know how to properly advertise your brand, expand your network, and ultimately increase your sales.

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  • Facebook Mastermind Groups For Entrepreneurs: Why They Work and How Everyone Benefits

    Facebook mastermind groups. From the name alone, you can already tell what it is and what it’s all about. While usual business mastermind groups are done in group meetings (and sometimes virtually), the Facebook version is done through social media. The social networking site actually makes it easier for these groups to form. Facebook allows anyone to create groups or pages, where members can communicate. It is even possible to create a mastermind group just by opening up a group chat and adding members. But it is usually done through groups. Facebook mastermind groups allow members to post their thoughts, ideas, concerns, and questions online. Members can see these posts and offer their own thoughts, opinions, solutions, and answers. It works because Facebook is already an established community. The only challenge that remains is looking for the right members—this is something that we can help you with. We can organize a mastermind group for you, if you’re looking for fellow entrepreneurs with the same skill sets. Even though it is done through Facebook, it requires the same level of commitment and passion. The medium is different—and is admittedly more convenient—but the idea is the same. It can even be considered an advantage that Facebook is so accessible and familiar. It makes the idea of a business mastermind group less intimidating.

  • How to take your business to the next level in sales

    Aside from expanding and scaling, all business owners want to see their companies grow in terms of sales. Most entrepreneurs see this as their primary goal. That is why most, if not all, businessmen have an idea on how to achieve this. Mentors, consultants, coaches, and peers can give you tips on how to accomplish this goal. But your sales performance will have a lot to do with your branding, your product quality, your service quality, your networking, and your marketing. This applies to almost any industry you are in. We can consider this common knowledge. So how can all these business advisors help you? Well, the sales profession moves very quickly. You will need some help keeping up with it. In this industry, competitors can emerge every hour; new and better products can be released. You will need to do more than just try to keep your head above the water. Challenging as it may be, you can still rise above the competition. One way to do this is by staying true to your mission. Do not lose your focus just because someone somewhere else is doing better. Maybe your products are similar, but you know your clients better than anyone. Only you can provide the unique value you are already giving them. Just keep on improving and stay true to your brand. And of course, listen to your business consultants and mentors.

  • § SEO

    Search engine optimization works for brick and mortar businesses just as much as their web-based counterparts. Again, you will need to choose the right keywords in order to reach your target audience. From that point on, you’re going to have to come up with topnotch content, in order to make it to the first page of the search results. Like we previously established those who aren’t on the first page of Google’s web results are at a severe disadvantage, because people rarely click those. Ask your business coach how you can make great content. Content can come in the form of articles, how-to guides, recipes, blog entries, pictures with captions, videos, and many more. Good content will be relevant to the target’s interests. They will also be entertaining. They have to maintain the audience’s attention long enough to make their point. Content must be informative—something people can learn from and use in their own endeavors. They can also be inspiring. If you can touch them on an emotional level, you are likely to gain their trust. This will encourage them to trust your brand and try out your offerings. All this can be achieved through simple, calculated, and well used keywords

  • § Adwords

    Again with the topic of keywords, Google Adwords can help your brick and mortar business through search engine optimization. But rather than just landing on top of the search results, your goal here is to get your ads on the search results page itself. Google Adwords let you bid on certain keywords. You can ask your business consultant how the auction works. They will even give you advice on which keywords are best for your specific products and services. For example, if you own a restaurant and it’s in a good location, you have to get people to visit it—especially those who live far away. So how do you do that? You bid for keywords that people are interested in. You’ll want relevant ads about your restaurant on search results for keywords related to food. Google Adwords are effective because you know those people are interested in the things you have to offer. These people are searching for recipes, places to eat, or good restaurants nearby. If you show them a particularly attractive ad, there’s a good chance they’ll grab at the opportunity. Maximize this interest by bidding on keywords that your target audience usually searches for. Seek advice from your coaches on whether this investment is worth it, or if you’re better off with a different marketing strategy.


Beyond that they serve as unbiased sounding boards. They will let you know if an idea isn’t a good fit for your brand (and how to make it so). They will let you know which plans aren’t working for your company right now. They will help you learn more about leadership. They will serve as your pillar of strength when things get tough. We can help you find the right people for the job. You can sign up for group training, so you can experience what it’s like to be in a business mastermind group. Or if you want a more personalized and private approach, you can sign up for one-on-one coaching. We know you’re good at managing your own company—but everyone needs a little help sometimes. We can show you the way.

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