find car dealerships better with seo

How many people are actually searching for cars for sale per month? That number will vary based on the population size in your city that your dealership services. There are a few things to take into consideration when considering whether or not to invest in SEO For Your Car Business.

Life Time Value Of Car Buyer Obtained Through SEO

So you might make a few hundred dollars profit for each car that is sold off your lot. You also know that you make your money off F&I, as well as extended warranties. So, if you treat a customer extremely well and continue to follow up with them with a well executed email marketing campaign to stay at the top of their mind, when a friend asks, where they should buy their next car from… your customer should have an easy time recommending that their friends buy from your dealership! So the profit obtained through one sale, can yield many referrals not to mention repeat business from that same customer.

Should you invest in marketing your car dealership online? That is where the buyers are, so if you are not having the kinds of sales that you would like, consider investing in SEO for your dealership.  Also, Facebook Ads and even Instagram Ads could depending on your niche prove very profitable.  Instagram Ads for High End Car Dealerships work really well when your niche is selling luxury cars like Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, and others.