Sell More Cars With SEO

Most car dealers rely on TV, Print, Radio and other forms “advertising”. Some see really fantastic results. Those types of advertising is based on the “Push” form of marketing.  The person or business doing the marketing is pushing their message or brand upon the consumer. That is great for branding and name recognition. But how often is that person ready to buy a car at that exact moment when your car dealer advertisement comes on?

So there is another form of marketing called “Pull” marketing. The pull form is when the customer is looking for data or information, a product, solution themselves. The best place to be when someone is looking to pull information or to buy something is where they are looking for that information.  For buying searches, the best place to be is still GOOGLE. Yep, people are still typing in, “find a Honda Pilot for sale in my city”.  Also with the advancement of voice to text, people are using conversational forms of searching with their mobile devices. Your dealership needs to be optimized for desktop and mobile searches today.

Are You An E-Commerce Car Seller Or Local Dealership?

If you are a local dealership you have different needs than someone who sells cars online, or is a lead generating service like TruCar and others. Local dealers have two different types of rankings to consider whereas e commerce car dealerships simply have one.

Local SEO For Car Dealerships- The Map Listings


What we have here is a screen shot of what a desktop view of the search, “car dealers in san diego”. As you see the first thing you see besides a paid ad (PPC Google Adwords), is the Map Listings.  Underneath the map listings you would see the organic rankings 1-10. The Map Rankings and Organic are tied together but not always hand in hand.  Typically if you are on the first page for a search term for organic listings you can get into the map pack with proper GMB (google my business) citations and other on page SEO.  However you rarely see someone in the MAP pack ranking without a first page organic spot as well, there are exceptions but that is pretty solid. So, car dealerships want to rank in both the Organic And Map Rankings for obvious reasons.


Above us is a screen shot of the same search but on mobile. You can see that on mobile, there is a “Call Now” button which is super important if you are trying to get people into your show room.  And again underneath the Map pack ranking is the First Organic spot. So with your SEO efforts your car dealership needs to know that there are two (most markets have Map packs, but not all) types of rankings to go after.

Organic SEO For Local Dealers and E Commerce Dealerships

You need eyes on your pages and you need cars to be bought. Partner with an Organic SEO Company that understands the car industry. We have worked with many well known and respected car businesses. For details simply email us and we can tell you about how we helped drive more traffic and sales to these businesses.

Case Study For SEO For Car E Commerce Sales

We were contacted by someone who owned a E Commerce Car Dealership, they were having low sales and low traffic.  We onboarded them as a client and in late April beginning of May when they came on board we saw massive traffic growth. This massive traffic increase was due to increased traffic rankings for national car search terms as well as “cars for sale near me”. As you can see they were in the process of of reaching 10k visitors monthly for their business, when 5 months they had ZERO traffic. If we can do that for national searches we can surely help out your local car dealership as well.

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