Make a Room for the Press

Public relations and marketers only have to look as far as their computer screens to see how much of the news has transitioned to the Internet. When major newspapers like the Chicago Tribune and The New York Times go looking for new buyers or when the editor of USA Today, Kenneth A. Paulson, decides to leave his position, presents undeniable evidence to the changing news landscape from print to digital.

Addressing this change so that a company or organization continues to get their news distributed to targeted audiences has been a challenge. Developing an online news or media room can go a long way in meeting that challenge.

Millennial Statistics

To meet the needs of the next generations, reporters are making the transition to digital. So must public relations.

Jack Loechner, a reporter for, wrote about a study conducted by the Society for New Communications Research and Middleberg Communications showing among all journalists that:

  • 87% of 18-29 year olds believe bloggers have become opinion shapers
  • 87% of 18-29 year olds confirm that new media and communications enhances the relationships with audiences
  • 68% use blogs to keep on issues or topics of interest
  • 86% use company web sites
  • 71% use Wikipedia
  • 46% use blogs to conduct research.

Get an Online News Center – Get Press

Putting company news online is a must do. Putting company news online in an organized, planned manner is the only way to ensure success. That organized manner comes in the form of the online media room.

The news or media room is a part of the company’s Web site created specifically for the media which clearly shows the overhead garage storage in temecula but friendly enough for all types of audiences. As with the literal public relations office, the online news room will receive all types of visitors such as news media, customers, vendors, supporters, board members, etc. Think of it as the public relations office, online.

As such, the news center needs to receive as much attention to detail and content as the home page of a Web site.

When news releases, articles, and other types of news related items get posted on the online news room, as long as all news items are written in SEO Style, the search engines will easily find the information.

The information in the should be updated more often than other parts of the Web site which is good news for the search engines because they love fresh online content.

Designing an Online Media Room

Keep the design easy to navigate. Put tabs or buttons on the screen for press releases, press kit, fact sheets, and company history. Write and post press releases for all news happening within the company such as speaking engagements, conferences attended, promotions, and special speaking engagements.

As the online media room is developed and designed, remember to include the equivalent of a press or media kit. Look at more info. Provide company background information, and organization chart, mission and vision statements, product and service fact sheets plus other pertinent information that journalists (both online and traditional) would search for when researching.

Also include bios on the principle people such as the CEO, president, vice-president or researchers. Always include contact names, phone numbers and emails for press contacts.

Effective Online News Rooms

To get a good sense of what to include or how to design an effective online news room, visit sites for IBM, Microsoft, and The McDonald’s Corporation.

Implementing an online news room is the ultimate media resource that provides the public relations department with complete control over content and useable substance to an online presence.