How Chiropractors Can Get More Patients From Google Organic Results

You know your practice needs SEO. But what does it really involve? Behind all the mystery and confusion, great SEO is about:

  • Producing great content that people want to read
  • Solving the searchers issue, by terminating the search (means they don’t go back to Google and look for another answer). Ensure that the searcher chooses your practice by getting your website redone by a conversion optimization and design expert.
  • Using Proper On Page SEO Tactics
  • Obtaining Quality Votes of Confidence (links) from trusted sites.

Yes there is more to it than that, but that is the gist of what is involved. We know the chiropractic marketplace. We all see a chiropractor ourselves. We believe in the power of non traditional medicine and we believe chiropractic can be a great non surgical healing treatment plan for people who have been struggling with chronic pain.

Types of SEO For Chiropractic Centers

  • Local Maps– this is what shows up when you are on your mobile phone and a pin show up in your search. Drive there, go to website or click to call. If you are in the “3 Pack” (there are only 3 organic map listings and sometimes 1 paid ad spot), then you are going to get a lions share of the phone calls. Being in maps is a leg up as most people will click to call the first few places to see who answers or whose receptionist was the nicest.
  • Organic SEO– this is where your website will show up for terms like “chiropractors near me” or “chiropractic in  (insert city). Organic tends to get the majority of the clicks from desktop users who aren’t interested as much about driving directions (although that option doesnt show up on desktop searches) and who really want to research a potential chiropractor and the services that they provide.

Both forms of SEO are important for an office to take advantage of. With marketing, you want to be where your potential customers are. So be here!

DC’s- Drive More Patients with Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Chiropractic SEO is essential for any DC to think about now. If your chiropractic marketing efforts aren’t making your practice money, then it’s time to make a change. Most chiropractors need more patients and want to help more people. However, with their current set up, they have not seen enough growth from DIY or with their current marketing company.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it’s basically how to get your website listed higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo and more.


Using Digital Marketing To Grow Your Practice

We can all agree it is fantastic to be the first business shown in the SERPS (typicallythe top ten listings)  whenever a prospective patient is looking around for your services. Isn’t it better if your office shows up for more than one time on the first page? Can you see the power in that? Every spot you take up is a spot that your competition does not have. This is conceivable with SEO for chiropractors. Only the top marketing firms have the knowledge, expertise and proven track record to not only rank your website on page 1, but to help convert “shoppers” into patients.

Is Your Web Site Making You Money & Bringing You Patients?

An additional factor to explore when beginning an SEO campaign is to analyze whether or not your website is supplying the outcome you want from it.Lots of sites were installed rapidly and are not helping you land any patients. If your practice does not have a website that is properly set up for potential patients AND for search engines, you will continue to lose ground to your competition. A website that enables patients to learn about your treatments and how your practice can help them solve their issue is essential. Having an easy to navigate website is also instrumental to your success. Some people simply want to contact you with questions or to setup a consultation. Give the people what they want, or they will find a practice who does.

Finding The Perfect Chiropractic SEO Company For You

Can your prospective digital marketing company actually rank and provide leads? Do they have testimonials and proven results? Also, be sure to ask for references from other chiropractors or other medical doctors that they have been helping in the past, or currently. Chiropractic terms are a medium competition term typically, so if your potential digital marketing agency can’t say confidently that they have or can rank for extremely difficult keywords, then why should they be able to drive traffic for your practice?

If you are going to be investing your marketing dollars on search engine optimization, you should make sure it’s going to an agency a proven track record and the ability to provide you with a powerful chiropractic SEO campaign to boost your site to the top of Google’s search results and drive sales dollars into your wallet..

Here is what we will do for your practice:

  • Produce great content on your service pages
  • Produce content on your blog (content marketing)
  • Constantly analyze the site for any on page seo tweaks that need to be done
  • Obtain high quality links from trusted sites

If you can’t do all those yourself or your previous SEO firm didn’t get you “straightened up”, then it’s time to give us a crack at it (sorry horrible chiro jokes).

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