Listen if you have not been to the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, you are missing out or not missing out depending on who you ask.

Let’s look at why tourists love the National Cherry Festival:

  • Traverse City in the summertime is amazing.
  • There are tons of activities at the Cherry Festival for families.
  • Traverse City has amazing beaches.
  • Great wine tasting and breweries.

Let’s look at why locals love it

  • It brings in a TON of revenue to the area.
  • Tons of fun things to do for families and kids.
  • Family comes to visit.
  • Friends to come to visit.
  • It’s Traverse City during the summertime. Come on, it’s as good as it gets.
  • It’s not Cherry Fest related, but summertime means watching the Traverse City Beach Bums!!

Here’s why some locals can’t stand it

  • Population increases drastically.
  • Traffic is super congested. Traverse City’s road system simply wasnt meant to handle over half a million visitors to the area.
  • Some “fudgies” or visitors as the locals refer to them as, are not considerate of other people around them as far as noise, cursing and general uncouth behavior. But frankly, this is people everywhere, not just TC.

What’s there to do during the festival?

  • Watch the Blue Angels
  • Compete in the rubber ducky race. Seriously its awesome
  • Compete in the pie eating contest. Cherry pie anyone?

Yes, we love Traverse City. It’s our hometown and where we are raising our kids.  Want to learn more about Web Design in Traverse City the link. Want to learn more about The National Cherry Festival, click here.


Held in Traverse City Michigan, the National Cherry Festival launched in 1925. Originally called the Blessing of the Blossoms Festival, it was held in the beginning of May to bring in tourists into N Michigan to view the cherry blossoms. Starting in In 1931 the Michigan Legislature changed the name of the festival to the National Cherry Festival. Also moving the dates into the summer to take advantage of warmer weather and optimizing for time off around the fourth of July.

Roughly more than half a million people attend the Festival. Families love the many activites like pie eating, duck races, and family friendly concerts. Always a fan favorite, the Grand Royale Parade reveals the new Cherry Queen. Not to be left out the Kids parade also attracts a massive crowd as well. There is called the Junior Royale parade. The Blue Angels have been coming to Traverse City for years and grace our friendly skies with their amazing flying stunts and maneuvers. Since TC is the Cherry Capital of the world, it only makes sense that we lay claim to the Guinness Book of World Records for something pie related.
6-25-87 participants baked the largest pie the world has ever seen. How did it taste? Well we aren’t old enough to remember that.